Greyhound Racing Results for Greyhound System

Posted on 13 May 2012

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Ebay Betting System

Feedback from when the Oz Financial Freedom Greyhound System was sold on

Wentworth Park Greyhounds 29th April 2017 Results

Wentworth Park R1 No 8 Asa Borboza – 2nd $1.60
Wentworth Park R5 No 1 Utah Miss – 3rd NTD
Wentworth Park R8 No 3 Chase The Cash – WON $4.30/1.60 (could of got this at $7.00 fixed in early market). Early bird catches the worm!
Wentworth Park R10 No 2 Corrupt Millions – 2nd $1.45

We are currently trialing a system where we use our selection as a standout and take another 3 dogs in a flexi trifecta and 4 other greyhounds in a Flexi First Four.  Still working on and fine tuning the betting system to provide more winners and better prices on the exotics.

Pete’s Betfair Method is still going strong and we have also been using a revised version of this to pick greyhound winners mid week.  You can pick up the Pete’s Betfair Method PDF here

Premier Greyhound Tipster service has also had another exceptional month, results here.

$460 profit so far in April.

April 20th 2013 results are below

Wentworth Park R1 No 1 Black Magic Opal – WON $1.20/1.04
Wentworth Park R2 No 1 Lightning Impact – 2nd $1.04
Wentworth Park R6 No 2 Irma Bale – 2nd $1.50
Wentworth Park R7 No 4 Xenos Bale – WON $4.80/2.20
Wentworth Park R9 No 7 Johnny Fire – UNP
The Meadows R4 No 1 Hoover Jack – WON $1.60/1.30
The Meadows R7 No 2 Destini Fireball – WON $1.60/1.30

9.2 point return for a 2.2 point profit.  $220 profit on $100 level stakes betting.

April 13th 2013 results are below

Wentworth Park R6 No 2 Charmed Assassin – WON $3.50/1.70
Wentworth Park R7 No 6 Lightning Impact – 2nd $1.40
Wentworth Park R8 No 7 Lagoon Lowanna – WON $3.60/1.80
Wentworth Park R9 No 8 Piggy Back – WON $2.60/1.80
The Meadows R4 No 1 Kasumi Rose – 2nd $1.30
The Meadows R6 No 8 Arising – UNP
The Meadows R8 No 8 Linden Magpie – UNP

9.7 Point return for a 2.7 point profit = $270 profit on night based on $100 level stakes betting method.

April 6th 2013 results are below

2 winners from 4 bets

Tennis Cash System Review

Tennis Cash System PDF - Betfair System

Wentworth Park Race 6 No 3 My Sweet Love – WON $1.80/1.90
Wentworth Park Race 7 No 7 Triggsy – UNP
Wentworth Park Race 8 No 1 Lagoon Lowanna – WON $1.90/1.10
The Meadows R5 No 5 Arising – 2nd $2.60

=loss of $30 on the night on $100 bets.

5 Winners from 7 Bets for the 16th March 2013 Results are below:

Wentworth Park R2 No 6 Princess Black – WON $2.90/1.50
Wentworth Park R4 No 2 Peter Rocket – WON $2.40/1.30
Wentworth Park R5 No 3 Spud Regis – WON $1.80/1.04
Wentworth Park R6 No 8 Jagger Swagger – WON $2.10/1.10
Wentworth Park R7 No 6 Punch One Out – 2nd $1.10
Wentworth Park R10 No 4 Sometimes Speedy – WON $1.50/1.20
The Meadows R8 No 4 Linden Magpie – UNP

7 Point Outlay with a 10.7 Point return
$370 Profit on Night

9th March 2013 Greyhound ResultsWe had 4 selections for 3 winners tonight. Profit was $250 on level stakes betting of $100. Here are the results.

Wentworth Park R3 No 8 Lil Miss Sparkle – WON $1.50/1.04
The Meadows R5 No 3 Cracker Jack Lil – WON $1.80/1.10
The Meadows R6 No 1 Corridor – WON $3.20/2.00
The Meadows R8 No 6 Old Fella – UNP

Here are tonights Greyhound Racing Results  so that you can see how the system is going lately on a week to week basis.

2.8 Point Profit for the night 23/2/13 – $28 profit on $10 bets, $280 profit on $100 bets.

Wentworth Park R3 No 6 Sometimes Speedy – WON $2.00/1.20
The Meadows R1 No 2 Omar Gee – UNP
The Meadows R3 No 2 Destini Fireball – WON $1.30/1.20
The Meadows R6 No 6 Proven Nitro – UNP
The Meadows R7 No 2 Ima Geisha Girl – 2nd $1.10
The Meadows R8 No 6 Cintiarna – WON $4.30/2.00
The Meadows R9 No 6 Miata – WON $1.80/1.10
The Meadows R10 No 6 Boris Fields – UNP
The Meadows R11 No 3 Hot Irish – WON $2.40/1.40

You can access all of the results for the Greyhound Racing System right here

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