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The Sequence Multiplier Review – Before you Join!

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Kevin Laverick Goal Profits

Get your Goal Profits PDF here - Professional Greyhound Betting Systems - Pete's Betfair Method

The Sequence Multiplier Review

The Sequence Multiplier is a product created by Paul Peters. We Review the Sequence Multiplier to show you whether or not this product is legit or a scam

What is the Sequence Multiplier?

The Sequence Multiplier is a horse betting method that gives away secrets that can earn you more than £250,000 a year from betting on the horses!

This is a well put together package and is a complete course on how to become a successful punter. You will get the following:

The Sequence Multiplier Master Class
The Sequence Multiplier PDF Ebook
The Sequence Multiplier Software Package

Sequence Multiplier Video

Watch the Sequence Multiplier Video above now!

Paul Peters will also personally coach you and provide you with the daily selections through the Exclusive Members area. These daily selections are selected through expert analysis.

Tennis Cash System Review

Tennis Cash System PDF - Betfair System

The Sequence Multiplier is not a scam and even comes with a full 60 day refund policy to ensure that you are happy with your purchase. If you aren’t then you are entitled to a full refund through Clickbank.

The Sequence Multiplier claims to be able to produce an 80% win strike rate on all bets so not having long runs of outs allows you to start off with a relatively small bankroll if you require it.

Here is proof of Paul Peters HSBC Bank Account.  As you can see regular deposits are going in from Ladbrokes where most bets are placed.

Ladbroke Payment Proof Bank Account

Sequence Multiplier Bank Account Ladbrokes to HSBC Deposit Proof

The Software runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. I am still waiting to confirm whether or not it can be used on Linux machines or Apple IOS.

By using the Sequence Multiplier Software it will tell you exactly which races and horses to bet on leaving no punter emotion up to you. Everything is provided for you. All you have to do is follow the instructions, place your bets and either watch the races live or wait for the results to come in.

If you would like to know more about how you could be earning £250,000 per annum or £20,000 a week then check out his free selections page here.

Bullseye Greyhound Betting System

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Kevin Laverick Goal Profits

Get your Goal Profits PDF here - Professional Greyhound Betting Systems - Pete's Betfair Method

The Bullseye Greyhound Betting System currently being sold over at Castle Sporting Service Ltd is a lay betting system that is mainly uses on Betfair. The system reports to accurately pick winning bets 83-87% of the time and most importantly at a profit.

So how long has the Bullseye Greyhound Betting System been running?

Results on this method have been running for over 4 years which shows that it has definitely proven to be a profitable system and over that time has demonstrated a proven 83-87% as an average over those 4 years.

The Bullseye method also uses 3 rules which are available for free on the internet to identify selections. With these rules you should also be able to come up with 10+ selections per day in around 10 minutes.

Tennis Cash System Review

Tennis Cash System PDF - Betfair System

Once you have your selections you then log into Betfair and place your lays on the betting exchange. Castle Sporting also report that as long as you are only betting on greyhounds with odds below 7/1 then you are guaranteed to make a profit long term given that on 100 bets you will win 87 bets with 13 being losing bets.

Ordering the system is easy and all files are downloaded in PDF format, so all you will need is Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To find out more about The Bullseye Greyhound Betting System head over to castlesporting.co.uk

Lay Betting not for you? Check out the Australian Greyhound System that made $6,000 in just 90 days betting on winners. 61% win strike rate and 91% place strike rate.

Lay the Field Betfair Free Trading Strategy

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Kevin Laverick Goal Profits

Get your Goal Profits PDF here - Professional Greyhound Betting Systems - Pete's Betfair Method

The “Lay the Field Betfair Strategy” is a strategy currently being used by many Betfair customers mainly in Greyhound Racing and Horse Racing markets.

Lay the Field Betfair Strategy

The 567 Method Review

For more Betfair Strategies check out our post on Pete’s Betfair Method – Scam Or Legit? – Our Review

Peter Butler Betfair PDF Download

Petes Betfair

So how does the Lay the Field Betfair Strategy work?

I have included a video showing how this works as this concept can be a little hard to grasp unless you physically see some of these trades taking place. Basically as an example you are going to set an amount you are willing to risk for each race. I would personally recommend either £10 or £20 just to get started.

So let’s say I lay the field for a maximum risk of £10. I use my LTF strategy to lay each horse in the field at odds of £2. Because my maximum risk is £10 I can match with up to 5 horses. Now you will want a pretty open race to even get 5 horses where someone is willing to match at those prices but it does happen. For this example though I want to show what you make in profit for each of these on a Lay The Field Betfair scenario.

If only one of your horses get matched and unfortunately goes on to win the race, you are going to be down £10. But what happens if more than one horse gets matched and there are no dead heats, just a simple 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th race. If you are looking for a good Betfair strategy then I suggest reading through Pete’s Betfair Method PDF

Lay the Field Betfair Strategy for 2 matched horses

For 2 matched horses at odds of £2 you are going to break even, again this scenario isn’t ideal but what you are trying to do is match 3 or more in a race. It is possible but you are going to need a very open market race.

I like to cross over to my other screens and look at the odds from other bookmakers just for a straight out win and see if I can find a race over on Sportsbet, Centrebet or UNITAB that has 3 horses under $3 or 3 greyhounds under $2.50.

If you can match 3 in a race and there is only 1 winner declared then you have yourself a profit. Pete’s Betfair Method Review goes into more depth on this exact topic.

Greyhound Racing Wins $6,000 in just 90 days

Wentworth Park First 4 Greyhound

Below is a video showing the Lay the Field Betfair Trading Strategy.

Tennis Cash System Review

Tennis Cash System PDF - Betfair System


Betfair Trading

I have had a good day betfair trading today and checked my emails and there is a lot of emails asking me about horse racing trading. Also the ways to use betfair to make money on horse racing. Again though if you are after a betfair system that really works free then you are in the right place.

The Peter Butler £50 per day Betfair System PDF is a great starter to introducing yourself to Betfair.

You can find the £50 a Day System Review by looking at our post on Pete’s Betfair Method which in my opinion is the best betfair system! Pete shows you how to make £50 per day on Betfair and how you can find yourself making a living on Betfair.

Laying the Field Strategy System Rules for Betfair

I have not traded the horses very much but it is like riding a bike. Once you know what your doing you can trade easily. So this is a trade called Lay the Field. The aim is to find a horse race which is….

– 5F, 6, 7 or 8F
– No clear fav
– Handicap
– 8 or more runners

Then you lay all the runners in the field and set the bets to be ‘kept’ when going in play. Aim here is to get more than one matched. I like to use 1.60-1.70.

If you get one matched you will lose but anymore you’ll get profit!

If you have any questions or want some help with your Betfair Trading then please….

You can also try Cold Trading on Betfair through Betfair Pro for around 100 per year.


The Champ Picks Review

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Kevin Laverick Goal Profits

Get your Goal Profits PDF here - Professional Greyhound Betting Systems - Pete's Betfair Method

The Champ Picks Review

John Morrison also known as by all Clickbank purchasers “The Sports Betting Champ” is a Cornell graduate. The Champ Picks is his 2nd product to be released and is an improvement on the original.

John Morrison has maintained a winning percentage of 97% of all sports bets that he has placed. Now betting money like he does is probably making you think to yourself, why if he is winning most of his bets would he be selling his system to people. Do you know how many sports betting accounts and bookmakers are out there? It is impossible to deflate the prices he is getting for his bets given that there are so many bookmakers ready to sign you up today.

Tony Chau The Champ Picks Review

The Champ Picks Review

Now you will see that there are people talking bad about the Sports Betting Champ system and saying that he is a fraudster but those people in my view have not followed the system the way he intended it to be used and have let emotion take over their betting.

Every punter knows this is the worst way to bet, when you have lost for example 2 in a row and are ‘chasing’ so to speak you can let emotion get in the way and bet against the way you would normally bet. What is the outcome of this? Most of the time you end up losing.

The Champ Picks Review Tony Chau

The Champ Picks by Tony Chau

There is the odd occurence where you will get lucky, but for most of us this is a very unlikely outcome. The Champ Picks is no different. You need to stick to the method and play it exactly how he tells you to.

Champ Picks Review – Do your research

Now I want you all to do something for me before buying and that is to do a Google Search of the following terms. The only reason why I want you to do this is because there are 2 sides of the fence and you have to be sure of which side you want to be on. The following search terms I want you to look for are:

‘sports betting champ review’
‘sports betting champ scam’
‘sports betting champ negative reviews’

 exterminator betting system pdf

Tennis Cash System Review

Tennis Cash System PDF - Betfair System

You will see there are people for and against this system and let me tell you why. This system is what is known as a chase system. Does that automatically mean that it is bad? The answer is no.

Unless you have the money to cover the chase you could wind up in a complete mess. Basically the betting structure of the sports betting champ system relies on a 3 tier system, meaning that there is 3 bets to one cycle / win.

There was one stage where you actually would of needed $800 to cover all of the bets for an original $50 outlay. The bet came in and showed a profit but had that bet not have came in you would of been down $800.

Here is your original bet of $100 which lost, then a bet of $250 which also lost and then your final bet of $450 where the bet came in and you were back in profit.

One other thing I will mention before you click through and have a look at the system for yourself is that John Morrison is not actually the guys name.

Now it is anyones guess why he chose to go by the name of John Morrison but you will find that a lot of Internet Marketers and Product Marketers don’t go by their birth name and that can be for a number of reasons and doesn’t actually mean that they are hiding behind a scam. Truth is some people just like to remain private and live private lives.

Just take a look at our celebrities. They get all the money and fame to go with it but people like Charlie Sheen or Katy Perry can’t exactly just take a stroll down the street now can they? His real name is Tony Chau. You can do a search on him if you like.

Tony Chau is rumoured to have made $50,000 a week out of sports betting or $2,600,000 for the year. There is money to be made in Sports Betting and there is definitely money to be made with the Champ Picks but you need to make sure it is for you before getting started.

To take a look at The Sports Betting Champ click here now.

Laying the 3rd Favourite Greyhound

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Kevin Laverick Goal Profits

Get your Goal Profits PDF here - Professional Greyhound Betting Systems - Pete's Betfair Method

Laying the 3rd Favourite Greyhound System

The Rules for laying the 3rd favourite greyhound system are very simple and set out below

1.  Race must have 8 starters.  Absolutely no scratchings!
2.  Watch the odds at 2 minutes.
3.  Refresh for final 60 seconds
4.  The pick is the Greyhound which is 3rd in the betting market.
5.  Only place a lay bet if the Greyhound odds are between 6.5 to 8.5

Greyhound Betfair System PDF

Betfair Greyhound System PDF

Download the Greyhound Betting System PDF here

Greyhound Racing System for Betfair

Lay the 3rd Favourite Greyhound System

Greyhound System - ZCode

ZCode System – $3,752 profit

Tennis Cash System Review

Tennis Cash System PDF - Betfair System

Zcode Sports Betting System $3,752 Profit Last Week

You can’t place lay bets on these runners in advance, it must be done in the final 1 minute of betting. The reason for this is that a lot of big punters and people with knowledge on these Greyhound Racing Tips tend to place a bet in the final 2 minutes before a race starts.

It is up to you whether or not you want to use a staking plan with these lay bets but generally speaking you should be winning on average 85% of all your lays with this system.  This means that you will even see a profit on level stakes betting.

For more Greyhound Racing Systems click here

$6,000 in just 90 days with the Ultimate Greyhound System

Other useful links you may be interested in.

The Greyhound Predictor: Predict your own winners with this software. View speeds and distances travelled. See Greyhound Racing Tips as well as enter metres or yards and also the Greyhounds weight.

Greyhound Racing Victoria: The Official Page for the GRV.

The Greyhound Recorder: For all your latest news and greyhound racing tips in the Greyhound Industry.

Pro Betting Club Sequence Lays Review

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Kevin Laverick Goal Profits

Get your Goal Profits PDF here - Professional Greyhound Betting Systems - Pete's Betfair Method

Pro Betting Club Sequence Lays is the lay betting tipster service provided by Pro Betting Club.
The Pro Betting Club service provides daily selections with an average of 1 tip per day at an average odds at just under $3.

The tips are emailed to you hours before the race commences and they are selected using a racing strategy used by tipsters at the Pro Betting Club.

The Pro Betting Club Sequence Lays is available in to different ways, one being to pay quarterly for the service or monthly depending on how long you want to be in the club for. Personally the 3 month subscription is far better value and you are pretty much paying for 2 months and getting the third month for free.

The return on investment for the Pro Betting Club Sequence Lays is quite high at a profit of £15,724 in just 9 months.

Tennis Cash System Review

Tennis Cash System PDF - Betfair System

There is also a staking plan which is used to maximise your profits.

So what are the costs for this racing service?

£39.50 for 1 month
£89.50 for 1 quarter

For more information click here.

To order the Pro Betting Club Racing Service click here

Betting Systems no longer being sold


Kevin Laverick Goal Profits

Get your Goal Profits PDF here - Professional Greyhound Betting Systems - Pete's Betfair Method

Win Each Way on Horse Racing

Queen Elizabeth Stakes

Tennis Cash System Review

Tennis Cash System PDF - Betfair System

I get asked from time to time about older systems and if they are still being sold.  Generally a lot of these systems either have a quota of sales that once reached they no longer sell them (mainly to protect dividends for their customers) or the betting system has simply failed and no longer holds up to past results.
Here is a list of Betting Systems no longer being sold on the internet as of 2013.  All systems are in alphabetical order so that it is easier for you to look it up.
1000 Points A Year
3 Minute Systems
50 50 Racing
50% Favourites System
AJ Tips
All Weather Backing System
Beaten Females
Best Football Betting
Betfair Bots
Betfair Bullion
Betfair Cash Machine
Betfair Loophole
Betting Against The Odds
Betting Miracle
Betting Tips UK
Betting Vault
Binary Options Magnet
Black Dog Forex
Boys Beat Girls All Weather System
Cambridge Target System
Carbine Golf
Cash Booster
CFD Trader
Champion Draws
Classic 66
Curse Of The Handicapper
Deja Vu Football
Dodgy Favourites
Drawing Profits
Dutching Diamond
Earlybird Trading System
Exchange Game Secrets
Festival Trends
Financial Fixed Odds Profit Course
First Past The Post
Five Year Plan
Follow The Fortune
Football Bets Direct
Football Betting Champ
Football Cash Builder
Football Cash Code
Football Fibonacci
Football Laying Code
Football Loophole
Football Trading Profits
Forex Fortune Signal
Forex Net Trap
Frontline Lay
Full Circle
Game Set and Match Punter
Gamekeeper Turns Poacher
Gold Lay
Greyhound Lays
Greyhound Tipster
High Class Hype Horses
Hot Horses
Houghton’s Hot Horses
Lay And Win
Lay Blueprint
Lay Formula
Lay Genius
Lay Maestro
Lay Revolution
Lay the Best
Lay The Place
Lay TriGGer
Lay-Zy Dogs
Laying Seven
Laying Spring Profits
Losing Lays
Losing To Profit
Magic Backing Bot
Magic Racing Bot
Magical Forex
Martin Bishop Racing
Midas Maiden Method
Money In The Bank
Money Talks
Money Text
My Lay Bets
Nailed On
Nigel Hunter’s Black Book
No1 Lay System
One Good Bet
Paul Fowlie’s On Course Service
Perpetual I
Place Profits
Place To Lay
Poker Star
Portfolio Powerhouse
Prize Lay System
Pro Master Football
Profit Before Work System
Profit From Systems
Project Betfair
Psychic Racing
Psychic Soccer Profits
Punters Profits
Quick On The Draw
Quick Trade FX
Racing Bets Direct
Racing Investment Formula
Racing Portfolio System
Racing Profit Club
Racing Revelation
Racing Trends
Racing Unlocked
Ready 2 Win
Risk Free Football
Safe Lay Bets
Simplex Trading System
Simply The Best
Smarter Gambler
Soccer Analyst
Sports Betting Dynamics
Stat Attack
Supreme Signals
Supreme Trading System
Symbiotic Lay System
System X Trader
Tax Free Quid
The Bank Vault Report
The Betfair Secret
The Bookie Demolisher
The Edge
The Gifting Club
The Lay Trader
The Life System
The Master Plan
The Money Box
The Profit Place System
The Profit Rocket
The Protege
The Racing Investment Group
The Selector
The Sharp End
The Snare System
The Winning Approach
Three Key National Hunt System
Three Key Racing
Top Greyhound Tips
Trade 4X Pro
Trade Vantage
Trading Elite Club
Trend Change Signals
TTT System
UK Wise Lays
Ultimate Sports Betting System
Value Horse Method
Wealth Builder
Winners Enclosure
Winners To Losers
Winners To Losers
Winning Selections
Wizard Of Odds

Gambling Betting Systems List of Profitable Systems

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Kevin Laverick Goal Profits

Get your Goal Profits PDF here - Professional Greyhound Betting Systems - Pete's Betfair Method

Below is a list of profitable Gambling Betting Systems.

Greyhound Racing System – $6,000 profit in 90 days : This betting system is for Australian greyhound racing only.  You can’t apply this to racing overseas as it works on a set of rules using a TAB form guide that is only available to Australian Greyhound tracks.  Click here to Download your Copy today.

This Greyhound Racing System PDF is still working in 2017!

I have been asked quite a few times lately if this greyhound racing system is still working.  The answer is Yes.  It will continue to work because it only looks at quality greyhound races and greyhound meets such as Wentworth Park and The Meadows for it’s selections.  We are going to place our latest results here after the Saturday Wentworth Park greyhound meeting.

Wentworth Park Greyhounds 29th April 2017 Results

Wentworth Park R1 No 8 Asa Borboza – 2nd $1.60
Wentworth Park R5 No 1 Utah Miss – 3rd NTD
Wentworth Park R8 No 3 Chase The Cash – WON $4.30/1.60 (could of got this at $7.00 fixed in early market). Early bird catches the worm!
Wentworth Park R10 No 2 Corrupt Millions – 2nd $1.45

5 Winners from 7 Bets for Race Meeting 213. Results are below:

Wentworth Park R2 No 6 Princess Black – WON $2.90/1.50
Wentworth Park R4 No 2 Peter Rocket – WON $2.40/1.30
Wentworth Park R5 No 3 Spud Regis – WON $1.80/1.04
Wentworth Park R6 No 8 Jagger Swagger – WON $2.10/1.10
Wentworth Park R7 No 6 Punch One Out – 2nd $1.10
Wentworth Park R10 No 4 Sometimes Speedy – WON $1.50/1.20
The Meadows R8 No 4 Linden Magpie – UNP

7 Point Outlay with a 10.7 Point return
$370 Profit on Night

Here is some Ebay feedback from when The Greyhound Betting System PDF was being sold on Ebay.  Ebay changed their digital format rules requiring a physical copy to be sent through the post so the decision was made to only sell through the offical website.

Ebay Betting System

Feedback from when the Oz Financial Freedom Greyhound System was sold on Ebay.com.au

Silver Lotto System: This is a 20 year old proven lotto system that does not guarantee you a Division 1 prize but will have you winning a lot more than if you were just to pick a bunch of random numbers.  It works based on past statistics that show patterns in numbers.  You may be familiar with other Betting Systems for Roulette etc where you have hot and cold numbers, playing Lotto is much the same.  While it is a game that has no memory of past results there are still patterns that will come up time and time again much like flipping a coin 100 times will see an estimated 50/50 result for heads/tails.  Click here to Download your Copy today.

5 Star High Roller System

Zcode System $3,752 Profit Last Week

Tennis Cash System Review

Tennis Cash System PDF - Betfair System

Bonus Bagging Loophole:  This is not so much a system in itself but shows you how a loophole that a lot of bookmakers / casinos don’t want you to know about.  It is based on signing up for an account with a betting agency and legally being entitled to a free sign up bonus usually in the form of free cash which you can use to place bets.  The Bonus Bagging Loophole shows you how to do this with ease and grab your free bonuses with lots of different betting agencies.  Click here to Download your Copy today.

Z Code System:  This is by far one of the best betting systems I have seen in a long time.  There is a 6 minute unedited video showing proof of earnings and some of the results are just extraordinary!  You will be betting on NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB, they have a V.I.P section where tips are emailed straight to you generally 24 hours before the game.  The Z Code System took 27 months to develop and has over 21 programmers currently working full time on the system.  There is also a forum to chat with other members and share ideas ( for the serious professional punter especially a punter that loves their sport you need this system ).  Click here to Download your Copy today.

3 Minute Bets:  This is a betting system for the Horse Racing Punter. 3 Minute Bets is a membership that gives you selections based on a criteria they have been using for a long time.  The great thing about this system is that it also has an each way betting option which still can make you a nice profit. Watch the video on their website here.  Skip to around 6 minutes for the interesting part.  Click here to Download your Copy today.

How to Place Bet on Favourites for a Living:  This system on it’s own is not going to make you a ton of money but it still has a lot going for it.  Again this is a horse racing system but there is no reason why you couldn’t apply it to Greyhounds and even Harness Racing, remember a lot more favourites while not winning each race still finish in the top 3.  They show you how $15 turns into $150 quickly and easily. With a 96% strike rate on placings you can see that this system definately has a lot of potential. Mohammad Ali has been making money with this very system since 1992. Click here to Download your Copy today.

Blackjack Sniper Software: This system includes a software package for online play with Blackjack.  How it works is that you enter the cards in that you have received as well as the cards that the dealer has and the software runs through its statistics to determine what your next action should be.  You can even have the option of playing up to 5 hands at a time!  There is also an advanced options part where you can enter how you want to wager each time, as well as your win limit.  There is also a free trial available of the Blackjack Sniper software for you to download before you buy.  Click here to Download your Copy today.

No Limit Texas Hold’em System:  This system helped Jonathon Little earn over $4 million as a professional poker player.  It doesn’t matter whether you play at PokerStars or 888.com or you play Poker elsewhere online this will help you win a lot more often.  You can use this in Sit-N-Gos or a Multiable Tournament and the outcome will still be the same.  Watch the 41 minute video now.  Click here to Download your Copy today

Da Vinci Roulette Calculator System: Win At Roulette. Software System Leaked By An Online Casino Programmer That Is Designed To Help You Beat Roulette. 100% Effective. Win Roulette Every Single Time! New And Exclusive To 2013. Give Yourself The Better Advantage Today.

90 Second Tennis Cash System:  Mohammad Ilyaz Ali from the Horse Racing Betting System also uses this system.  You can see snapshots of his winnings on the Tennis Betting website. He grew a $900 bank to over $44,000 in just 5 months and after 11 months he had made over $166,000!  Chris Campbell who created the system shows how will just level stakes betting he was able to make a profit of $37,000 in 2011.  In fact every year since 2003 it has made a profit, the worst performing year so far has been 2005 where it made a profit of $28,000.  Click here to Download your Copy today.

Winning Golf Picks  – The Golf Betting System: This system has already seen punters profit $10,000 for the year in 2012.  It has picked some big priced winners as well

May 23rd, 2012 – 15/1 Winner – Zach Johnson +1500 Crowne Plaza Invitational
May 3rd, 2012 – 45/1 Winner – Rickie Fowler +4500 Wells Fargo Championship
April 26th, 2012 – 27/1 Winner – Jason Dufner +2700 Zurich Classic
2012 Masters 50/1 Winner – Bubba Watson +5000 Masters 2012
February 16th, 2012 – 50/1 Winner – Bill Haas +5000 Nothern Trust Open
February 9th, 2012 – 20/1 Winner – Phil Mickelson +2000 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

Watch the Video and see for yourself.  Click here to Download your Copy Today.