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The Champ Picks Review

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The Champ Picks Review

John Morrison also known as by all Clickbank purchasers “The Sports Betting Champ” is a Cornell graduate. The Champ Picks is his 2nd product to be released and is an improvement on the original.

John Morrison has maintained a winning percentage of 97% of all sports bets that he has placed. Now betting money like he does is probably making you think to yourself, why if he is winning most of his bets would he be selling his system to people. Do you know how many sports betting accounts and bookmakers are out there? It is impossible to deflate the prices he is getting for his bets given that there are so many bookmakers ready to sign you up today.

Tony Chau The Champ Picks Review

The Champ Picks Review

Now you will see that there are people talking bad about the Sports Betting Champ system and saying that he is a fraudster but those people in my view have not followed the system the way he intended it to be used and have let emotion take over their betting.

Every punter knows this is the worst way to bet, when you have lost for example 2 in a row and are ‘chasing’ so to speak you can let emotion get in the way and bet against the way you would normally bet. What is the outcome of this? Most of the time you end up losing.

The Champ Picks Review Tony Chau

The Champ Picks by Tony Chau

There is the odd occurence where you will get lucky, but for most of us this is a very unlikely outcome. The Champ Picks is no different. You need to stick to the method and play it exactly how he tells you to.

Champ Picks Review – Do your research

Now I want you all to do something for me before buying and that is to do a Google Search of the following terms. The only reason why I want you to do this is because there are 2 sides of the fence and you have to be sure of which side you want to be on. The following search terms I want you to look for are:

‘sports betting champ review’
‘sports betting champ scam’
‘sports betting champ negative reviews’

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Tennis Cash System Review

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You will see there are people for and against this system and let me tell you why. This system is what is known as a chase system. Does that automatically mean that it is bad? The answer is no.

Unless you have the money to cover the chase you could wind up in a complete mess. Basically the betting structure of the sports betting champ system relies on a 3 tier system, meaning that there is 3 bets to one cycle / win.

There was one stage where you actually would of needed $800 to cover all of the bets for an original $50 outlay. The bet came in and showed a profit but had that bet not have came in you would of been down $800.

Here is your original bet of $100 which lost, then a bet of $250 which also lost and then your final bet of $450 where the bet came in and you were back in profit.

One other thing I will mention before you click through and have a look at the system for yourself is that John Morrison is not actually the guys name.

Now it is anyones guess why he chose to go by the name of John Morrison but you will find that a lot of Internet Marketers and Product Marketers don’t go by their birth name and that can be for a number of reasons and doesn’t actually mean that they are hiding behind a scam. Truth is some people just like to remain private and live private lives.

Just take a look at our celebrities. They get all the money and fame to go with it but people like Charlie Sheen or Katy Perry can’t exactly just take a stroll down the street now can they? His real name is Tony Chau. You can do a search on him if you like.

Tony Chau is rumoured to have made $50,000 a week out of sports betting or $2,600,000 for the year. There is money to be made in Sports Betting and there is definitely money to be made with the Champ Picks but you need to make sure it is for you before getting started.

To take a look at The Sports Betting Champ click here now.

SPORTSBETTINGCHAMP.COM Founder Tony Chau sentenced

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Sports Betting Champ Guilty

John Morrison is actually Tony Chau

UPDATE: Sports Betting Champ founder Tony Chau sentenced to 18 months in a federal prison and ordered to pay $567,571 to the Internal Revenue Service and forfeit a further $1.4 million to the federal government.

It has been revealed that Tony Chau the founder of the Sports Betting Champ system and author of the Exterminator Sports Betting System has pled guilty in a U.S federal court for running an illegal gambling operation that netted millions and also hid over $1.5 million from the IRS.  Also had to put this in there that this is not the same Tony Chau that was on the NT’s Most Wanted List in May at around the same time as the seizure took place.

Champ Picks Sports Betting Champ Tony Chau

Tony Chau Sports Betting Champ

Now we all know the IRS hate being ripped off. As 19th Century English jurist Lord Bramwell once said ‘Like mothers, taxes are often misunderstood, but seldom forgotten.’

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So what exactly did Tony Chau do that was so illegal other than hiding a bit of cash from the IRS?
Well basically Tony Chau or as some of you may know him by ‘John Morrison’ ran an affiliate operation with a well known bookmaker called BetOnline.  He used them to negotiate some good deals with sports betting agencies to provide extra deposit bonuses and higher betting limits for his customers.  This is not exactly allowed as a US citizen and he soon found himself in a lot of trouble with homeland security including the seizure of his domain name Sportsbettingchamp.com

The thing is that in the U.S you are not supposed to use offshore betting agencies in countries like Costa Rica and Panama which don’t have the stricter Nevada licenses that the U.S requires to operate.  You may remember an article a while ago on BetJACK who are an offshore betting agency and the dealings they have had with many Australian customers.

Tennis Cash System Review

Tennis Cash System PDF - Betfair System

Tony Chau was referring his customers from his Sports Betting Champ membership over to these offshore betting agencies who were then paying Tony for his referrals in way of commissions from customers losses.  Where it gets a little tricky and kind of looks fishy to the IRS is that he then transferred these commission payments to a third party bank account which to a federal court and the IRS looks like he did this to “carry on intent to promote the carrying on of the illegal gambling business and to conceal and disguise the nature, location, source, ownership and control of the proceeds”

So what happens now? Well Tony Chau has to pay his IRS bill and forfeit around $1.4 million in cash and property.  If you remember he owns quite a few nice exotic cars so it will be interesting to see if they get seized.

As for the Sports Betting Champ System, there was actually no problem with the system itself and it does actually work.  There have been people making big money by using the system.  So this maths genius wasn’t scamming his customers at all and was up front about the commissions etc that were being earnt.  It is only because it looked really bad to the IRS and for good reason as well I might add that he wound up in court.

There have been people shaming the Sports Betting Champ because of these findings but if you follow his method and place bets as he has shown you then you can make some very nice gains with the system just like debt ridden George Stamatakis who has given several testimonial videos on Youtube about how good the Sports Betting Champ really is.  The problem is that so many people start doing little side bets and lose all of their money with the bookmakers and then you earn him a nice little commission on top.

U.S. District Judge Richard Boulware was expected to sentence Chau on the 5th August 2015.  It is not expected that Tony Chau will receive any jail time for this and is free on his own recognizance pending sentencing.

Check out the latest on what Tony Chau is up to here


The Champ Picks is a Clickbank/Keynetics affiliate product that affiliates such as myself can receive a commission from.  I have provided a link for you to use and if you would rather me not get any commission for your purchase simply enter the above address in without the hop.