6 Figure Tipster is a product by Nigel Parker. With a 92 % accuracy it comes with a money back guarantee from Clickbank of 60 days. That means if you don’t make money with it you can ask for a non conditional refund.

6 Figure Tipster
6 Figure Tipster Review

6 Figure Tipster will provide you with plenty of tips that you can turn into a profit for a monthly fee of £19.99 or a one off membership fee of £149.99 depending which you want to take. Personally I recommend the one off membership as you can always get a refund if you aren’t happy with the service and get your money back. If you take the other option for the monthly you might be still deciding a few months down the track if this tipping service is for you and it will be too late to get a refund.

6 Figure Tipster a scam?

For the people asking is 6 Figure Tipster is a scam, it definitely is not a scam and this is backed up by the 60 day non conditional money back guarantee.

Another great thing about 6 Figure Tipster is that they generally use big betting markets which means you have the freedom to move around with the bookmakers and betting agencies to obtain the best available odds at that time.

With the trial bringing in 30 winning bets from 36 possible bets you can see how you can make a lot of P.O.T

Consistency is the key to making profit especially when it comes to horse racing and the 6 Figure Tipster definitely provides that.

You can get started right away by following the link here