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See how this 5 star horse racing betting service made £160,000 in just one year!

Howard Price, a former hotshot lawyer apparently is behind this horse racing tipster service! We all hear the different stories of mathematicians, staticians and so on providing horse racing systems and services but I have to say that this is the first time I have heard of a former lawyer developing a winning system.

Burn the Bookies is a very simple tipster service based on subscribing to the service and being emailed your horse racing selections with plenty of time to get your bets on.

burn the bookies review
Burn the Bookies

One thing that I have found with services like these is that quite often there is a lot of fluctuation in the market regarding the selections so looking back on past results can be a little misleading. In saying that Burn the Bookies should still turn over a very good profit no matter what bookmaker you are using simply because the R.O.I is fairly high.

Through some further investigation we were able to obtain information that this tipster service is the 4th service of its kind to hit the market in as many months. We believe for this reason that this is simply some well thought out marketing with a less than promising service at the other end. But is that entirely the case? The results and William Hill account would have us think otherwise and there could actually be a half decent tipster service behind it, even though the whole marketing back story is to say the least a little ‘cringeworthy’.

Burn the Bookies comes with a full 60 day no obligation refund policy so you could purchase the service and try it out on paper to see how it performs and if you aren’t happy at the end of those 60 days simply request a refund through Clickbank. Click here to sign up.

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