The “Lay the Field Betfair Strategy” is a strategy currently being used by many Betfair customers mainly in Greyhound Racing and Horse Racing markets.

Lay the Field Betfair Strategy
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Laying on Betfair for a Living – Can it be done?

So how does the Lay the Field Betfair Strategy work?

I have included a video showing how this works as this concept can be a little hard to grasp unless you physically see some of these trades taking place. Basically as an example you are going to set an amount you are willing to risk for each race. I would personally recommend either £10 or £20 just to get started.

So let’s say I lay the field for a maximum risk of £10. I use my LTF strategy to lay each horse in the field at odds of £2. Because my maximum risk is £10 I can match with up to 5 horses. Now you will want a pretty open race to even get 5 horses where someone is willing to match at those prices but it does happen. For this example though I want to show what you make in profit for each of these on a Lay The Field Betfair scenario.

If only one of your horses get matched and unfortunately goes on to win the race, you are going to be down £10. But what happens if more than one horse gets matched and there are no dead heats, just a simple 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th race. If you are looking for a good Betfair strategy then I suggest reading through Pete’s Betfair Method PDF

Whilst it does seem possible to develop a system to lay greyhounds and horses on Betfair for a living I believe you would need more than 1 system to make it work.  You would need several selections per day to be able to make it possible.

Lay the Field Betfair Strategy for 2 matched horses

For 2 matched horses at odds of £2 you are going to break even, again this scenario isn’t ideal but what you are trying to do is match 3 or more in a race. It is possible but you are going to need a very open market race.

I like to cross over to my other screens and look at the odds from other bookmakers just for a straight out win and see if I can find a race over on Sportsbet, Centrebet or UNITAB that has 3 horses under $3 or 3 greyhounds under $2.50.

If you can match 3 in a race and there is only 1 winner declared then you have yourself a profit. Pete’s Betfair Method Review goes into more depth on this exact topic.

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Betfair strategy using Excel functionality to manage all your bets

Introduction to Sports Betting Excel spreadsheets

Betfair, the leading online betting market, offers a unique platform for individuals to bet against each other rather than against the punter. With the right strategy, bettors can maximize returns and minimize risks. Developing a solid Betfair strategy is essential to succeeding in the world of online gambling.

To understand Betfair betting

Before going any deeper into planning it is important to understand the basics of Betfair gambling. Unlike traditional bookmakers, Betfair allows users to back out and place bets. Betting back means betting on the outcome, while betting on means betting against the outcome. An understanding of odds & the probability of the Betfair outcome is so important when it comes to placing your Betfair Lay or Win Bets.

To set up your Betfair Strategy system

Creating a successful betfair strategy starts with setting clear objectives and understanding your risk tolerance. You also need to be able to read market data and know what stands out to make an informed decision. Whether you are a novice or an experienced author, a well-defined strategy is the key to long-term success.

Betting Tracking with Excel

Excel is a powerful betting tracking tool, allowing bookmakers to organize and analyze their data more efficiently. Excel functions required for betting tracking include tracking profits, losses, ROI (Return on Investment), and performance over time. Using Excel, bookmakers can gain valuable insight into their betting habits and make informed decisions.

Creating your own betting Betfair Strategy monitoring spreadsheet

Betting tracking spreadsheets are easy to create and personalized. By entering the right data into your football betting excel spreadsheet such as betting type, stakes, odds and outcomes, bookmakers can better manage their betting activities. Updating the spreadsheet on a daily basis will ensure you have up to date and accurate data moving forward to work out your profit and losses.

Using Excel with Betfair for your sports betting spreadsheet.

Excel enables bookmakers to look over their betting performance. Your return on investment is ultimately your greatest measure of how successful your Betfair strategy will be moving forward.

Advanced Excel Functions with Betfair

For the more savvy users, Excel offers additional features such as the pivot table. You can build functionality around processes by using pivot tables to give you better vision over your Betfair Strategy. Using the Excel pivot tables can also give you a nice look into your betting data and see trends that others can’t see. This will give you an upper advantage moving forward when it comes to placing bets.

Effective betfair planning and tips on using Excel

Being disciplined and adhering to your strategy is essential to long-term success at Betfair. Regularly updating your claims monitoring spreadsheet provides accurate analysis and helps identify areas for improvement.  There is a long list of sports betting excel formulas you can use to create in depth information into your bets.


Below is a video showing the Lay the Field Betfair Trading Strategy.


Betfair Trading

I have had a good day betfair trading today and checked my emails and there is a lot of emails asking me about horse racing trading. Also the ways to use betfair to make money on horse racing. Again though if you are after a betfair system that really works free then you are in the right place.

The Peter Butler £50 per day Betfair System PDF is a great starter to introducing yourself to Betfair.

You can find the £50 a Day System Review by looking at our post on Pete’s Betfair Method which in my opinion is the best betfair system! Pete shows you how to make £50 per day on Betfair and how you can find yourself making a living on Betfair.

Laying the Field Strategy System Rules for Betfair

I have not traded the horses very much but it is like riding a bike. Once you know what your doing you can trade easily. So this is a trade called Lay the Field. The aim is to find a horse race which is….

– 5F, 6, 7 or 8F
– No clear fav
– Handicap
– 8 or more runners

Then you lay all the runners in the field and set the bets to be ‘kept’ when going in play. Aim here is to get more than one matched. I like to use 1.60-1.70.

If you get one matched you will lose but anymore you’ll get profit!

If you have any questions or want some help with your Betfair Trading then please….

You can also try Cold Trading on Betfair through Betfair Pro for around 100 per year.















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