Each Way Eddie Review

Each Way Eddie is horse racing tipping service that provides selections and odds on horse racing. Using the Each Way Eddie service each horse that becomes a selection is put through a developed system formula to predict future winners based on past runs and other historic data.

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How much a month can I make from Each Way Eddie Tips?

Each Way Eddie makes an average of £1,019.20 profit per month through using these horse racing selections.

On average you are going to get a total of 3 tips per day and it should equate to around a 60% strike rate monthly.

Each Way Eddie Review

What is the staking plan for Each Way Eddie Tips?

We recommend using Each Way Eddie tips at level stakes and not a progression method given that the odds are not generally that high and with the 60% strike rate if you do get a run of outs on a 5 or 10% progression method you could totally wipe out your bankroll.

You do get some value runners though with Each Way Eddie, all we are saying is that on the placings they can run a little thin on some races.

Does Each Way Eddie have any large winning horse selections?

We found that Eddie consistently was getting 2nd and 3rd results if he didn’t grab the winner. He had a range of different results from a 16/1 & 14/1 shot that both got up and paid £950.00 & £875.00 respectively. Also at the lower end of the scale Eddie got up a 2nd at 9/2 for a very small profit. March 2018 was a good month for placings as well as winners for this tipping service with a monthly profit of £4,288.00. April was a little lower at just over £3,000.00. May however had an £1,185.00 profit, around 1/4 of what we did back in March however we did finish the month of strong on our bets for 3 winners in a row, including a 14/1 shot and a 16/1 shot

How much can I make per year betting Each Way Eddie Tips?

So far this year Each Way Eddie has produced profits of just under £20,000.00 and we haven’t even got to the half way mark as yet.

In summing up I can say that Each Way Eddie is no doubt the real deal and is the furthest thing from a scam.

Each Way Eddie

What tracks does Each Way Eddie tip on?

The price for the tipping service is quite low as well but you quickly recover your outgoings with your first or second bet anyway. All betting is based in England and are at meetings such as Fairyhouse, Ayr, Ludlow, Bangor, Newcastle, Southwell, Doncaster, Wawrick, Hereford, Market Rasen, Lingfield, Chepstow, Chelmsford, Fakenham, the list goes on.

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