What is Draft Dashboard?

Draft Dashboard takes your daily fantasy sports games and streamlines the process for NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL games. To do this work by hand you would have to spend a tedious amount of hours sorting through statistics required to find the winning fantasy team when you could just use this tool to find algorithms that actually work. Here is our Draft Dashboard review.

Over the past 6 months you have probably heard about Draft Dashboard quite a lot and wondered whether or not it is legit or a scam.

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Draft Dashboard gathers player statistics to choose the best possible lineup using a range of analytic data. It is a very simple to use piece of software with no download ever required. You simply use it in the browser from your laptop, ipad, android device, mobile phone.


Draft Dashboard Review
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What sports can we analyse using Draft Dashboard?

Remembering this covers fantasy sports you are covered for soccer, football, baseball, basketball, fantasy sports NFL

. You can dominate in these daily fantasy sports by having the Draft Dashboard analytics do all the work for you.

Everything in Draft Dashboard is customised for the users liking and you can change filters, views and won’t have to spend hours researching your winning fantasy team anymore.

Dash Rank for Draft Dashboard

Within Draft Dashboard is something called Dash Rank, which evaluates historical scoring performance data for your next daily fantasy match. The higher Dash Rank a player is increases the chances that the player will have far greater points scored during the future game. The platform also shows the players total Fantasy Points Per Game which is a metric concentrating a lot on the previous performance in their last 3 games.

Draft Dashboard by DraftKings also has a lot of other metrics at its disposal like a relative strength of the players opposition

What is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy Sports are virtual teams based on real players of the sport. As the real player is playing they gain in game points based on performance during the actual game. You can play fantasy sports as a team or individually but you are competing again others to gain the most points in the particular game being played.

Draft Dashboard Review

Looking overall at what Draft Dashboard has to offer we think this is a game changer in the fact that it slashes a ton of time in getting your winning fantasy sports team to a winning level.  The amount of data that is available for each match and for each player is unmatched elsewhere.  The ease of use of this in browser software also makes it so simple to pick up in a matter of minutes.  Once you have customised your user settings it makes it an absolute breeze to go in and make any adjustments to your players before the actual match begins.

Draft Dashboard Review
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