Is the Elite Betting Syndicate Legit?

The Elite Betting Syndicate is a horse racing betting service using UK Racing to bring you their daily tips. The difference between the Elite Betting Syndicate and a lot of other tipster style services is that this is run by some of the best betting professionals in the business. They have been successfully running and showing a profit since it all began in 2009.

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Elite Betting Syndicate Review
Elite Betting Syndicate Review

The Elite Betting Syndicate use analysis combined with a very experienced and in depth racing knowledge. If you look back to June 2015 up until now they have shown over £28,000 profit. During our trial we have managed a full 22 points profit over 2 months and we are using the Betfair SP Price which you can arguably get better odds elsewhere.

There are several staking plans that you could use with the Elite Betting Service because it doesn’t have huge runs of outs and is in fact very much on par with the 30%+ strike rate.

The staking plan I would use would be on for example a bankroll of £1000.
I would be betting 3% of this. A starting bet of £30. At the end of each day I would look at what the bankroll balance had grown by. Let’s say at the end of Day 1 you are up to £1,150. You then bet 3% of that balance. This means your next bet is £34.50. If you show a loss on Day 2 you still continue putting on £34.50 each race and never reduce your betting size once you have increased.

The Elite Betting Syndicate just like the 10X Method can go through times of profit decline just as any other system does, but the thing to watch is that overall looking at the graphs and results you can see that they always come back to a new high. Like anything including house prices and the stock market they all experience highs and lows. The most important thing to remember is that as long as they bounce back and eventually show a higher profit you are still going to come out ahead in the long run.

You can currently get a £1 trial of the Elite Betting Syndicate and at that price it is definitely worth taking up a trial and seeing how you go.

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