Iesnare is spyware that was created by Iovation to track all of your online activity. A lot of online gaming websites where you may have played pokies or placed an online bet are able to install a .sol file on your computer which then allows your every move online to be tracked.

The main purpose however for using iesnare was to block criminal activity where hackers and fraudsters could use stolen credit cards to sign up for a lot of different accounts on casino and gaming sites.

Now this isn’t the main problem, in fact the above is actually the good side of Iesnare. The downside is that a lot of users don’t realise that their computer is being tracked because you don’t get the option to opt in or out when installing some gaming site software.

Now this is how to find out if you could be affected.

First if you are using a computer that has Macromedia Flash installed and have accessed any online gaming sites in the last couple of years then there is a chance that you have installed this iesnare file without any knowledge. So here is what you need to do.

In Windows XP and Vista, go to the little start button down the bottom and click in the little box down the bottom of the screen with the magnifying glass that says search. I then want you to type in the following : mpsnare

So did it show any positive results for that file? If it did there is a few folders on your computer you may want to check out.

You can also look through your Windows Task Manager and see if you can find any processes running such as mpsnare or iesnare. It will likely look like this mpsnare.exe or iesnare.exe as a process running.

Here is a list of sites currently using iesnare. If you have visited any of these chances are you could have this on your system

Virgin Casino
Paddy Power
Foxy Casino
William Hill

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