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Some Strategies In Playing Roulette

Author: Zyke Smith

One of the games that definitely identifies the casino is the roulette. The roulette wheel is perhaps the most iconic object in the casino, in fact many casinos have used the wheel as part of their logos. And due to this popularity, many players have tried to find ways to beat it.

However, finding a good way to win the game is not as easy as one might think. In fact, it is even highly unlikely that you could actually a strategy that would give you a long winning streak. You could however, come up with a play that will get you a good sum of money while still keeping your losses yo a minimum.

In order to make a good plan to play roulette, you need to first understand your odds in the game. You need only to look at the wheel to get a good feel of your chances. While you have a one in thirty seven chance in hitting a particular number, all the numbers in the wheel face are arranged in a random manner, making it highly unlikely to predict on what number the ball will land. Also, even if the numbers are arranged in an orderly manner, it is still highly unlikely to guess which number would come up beforehand.

Considering your chances, it is therefore pretty much a bad decision to go after the pots by betting on a single number. In order to get a good enough chance of getting money from the game, you need to widen your choices by betting on multiple numbers. One catch with this, however, is that for every win, you get a smaller return. On the brighter side, this is much better than to risk losing a large sum over the larger bets, since these are considerably smaller.

One of the easiest bets to win is choosing the color where the ball lands. You practically have only two color to choose from, either a red or a black. However, while you have a fifty fifty chance on this one, this is actually the lowest paying bet that you can take. You need to use this rather sparingly and go for other bets that offer higher prizes. You could still use this one for side =bets though, which would add to your winnings.

Another way that you could increase your chances is by betting on multiple numbers. These bets are usually done through patterns, such as squares or crosses. The bets’ arrangements are shown on the roulette table by placing the bets on the appropriate numbers. You can vary the distribution of your choices by choosing different numbers and patterns. You can either bunch the numbers up on the wheel for a better chance of the ball landing on a particular number in that group or space them apart to have a wider cover on the roulette.

One thing that you need to avoid is using so called betting strategies. These often require you to bet more in order to have better chances. These systems often follow martingale betting, where you are required to increase your bet every time you lose, the idea is that any win would offset all your losses. However, this one is better said than actually done. In just three to four succeeding losses, you will probably be bankrupt that any win is is not likely to make a change.

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