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The Paroli Roulette System involves increasing your bets after a win instead of increasing your bets after a loss like the martingale system.

For instance you are betting on black / red in Roulette.  You start off with $1 and you win.  Your next bet would be $2 to the same order as the following table

Now you can see that there could possibly be some very large bets to be placed on Roulette with this staking plan and you should always take notice of table limits before trying to place any of these bets.

With the Paroli Roulette System you need to know when to stop betting otherwise you are going to wipe out your recent wins with your next bet.  A lot of people will look for patterns such as black showing up three times in a row and decide to bet their next 4 bets all on black.

So here we would go in and put $1 on black, that gets up, we place $2 on black, then $4, then $8.  By the end of the $8 spin as long as 4 blacks come up in a row we have now turned that original $1 into $16.  The Paroli Roulette System can also work very well on 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12 columns, as well as odds and evens and high and low.  Obviously the higher the risk, the higher the rewards.  I would not recommend anyone using the Paroli Roulette System on inside numbers as the chances of the same number coming up twice or more in a row is quite rare in Roulette.

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