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Punters Paradise is an online Australian website that allows users to register and buy and sell tips.

You can sell your own tips on this website and set your price.

You can also buy other members tips who are high on the ladderboard with proven profits over $100 win bets, $100 place bets as well as Each Way Bets and you can even go back to 2008 and have a look at how a punter has performed over that period of time.

At the moment if I click onto the Ladderboard and Punters Paradise I will see in number 1 spot with a profit of $38,510 over the past 12 months is the user: Spartacus with a profit on turnover percentage of 23%.

If I then chose to look at members at Punters Paradise who have been doing well over the past month I can also change the graph to show me the top members over the past 30 days in this case being Punters Paradise member : Chapman with a profit of  $7,120 in the past 30 days and a profit on turnover percentage of 67%.

Registration with Punters Paradise is completely free and you can even take part in the monthly, quarterly competitions currently on offer, the monthly competition being for $500 and the quarterly competitions are $1,000 to the winner with the largest profit.

I have been a member of Punters Paradise since 2009, and won the Winter competition back in 2009 with a profit of $36,000 or there abouts.  On top of winning the $1,000 for the Winter Competition I also began selling tips with Punters Paradise and pocketed a whole lot more money with that.

There is also the latest Horse Racing News, Odds, Results, and even a Forum with lots of members sharing their common interest.

Join Punters Paradise Today – Click Here.  100% FREE rated Punters Paradise an overall score of 5.0/5.0

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