The Richard Lustig Book PDF

Richard Lustig is the author of several how to win the lottery books online.  Richard has won the lottery himself a number of times and has proven strategies to show you how to beat the averages and win lotto more of the time.  While lotto numbers just as Roulette numbers don’t have a memory there is historic data that proves that some numbers are more active while other numbers seem to sleep for greater than average periods of time.  Working out how to avoid these numbers while choosing the more successfully drawn numbers will get you winning the smaller lottery prizes more often and hopefully snag that bigger lottery prize (the jackpot)

As a 7 time grand prize winner of the lottery Richard Lustig shows you why most people struggle to ever win prizes in the lottery and how joining a lottery pool (syndicate) increases your chances even more.  Yes the winnings are smaller when you are part of a syndicate but would you have been able to cover all the numbers needed to win without being part of that syndicate and would you have won even a smaller prize without them?

Richard Lustig Book PDF
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Richard Lustig on Playing the Lottery as a Syndicate

Richard Lustig has several strategies that cover playing the lottery as a syndicate and breaks down the numbers on how much easier it is to win as part of a syndicate.  You can then focus on the bigger draws such as Powerball when it is $450 Million for example.  I mean who wouldn’t mind having just a small slice of a grand jackpot like that?


Richard Lustig on Quick Pick Lottery

Richard also shows you in his Richard Lustig Book PDF on winning the lottery of why you should avoid the Quick Pick Lottery.  These numbers are generated by a computer and there is no strategy whatsoever to picking your numbers using such a service.  He will also show you what games are easier to win and why you should focus on winning those games instead of going after the more expensive games and the odds of winning each of those lotteries.

You can download the Lottery University PDF here.