Football Treble Tips Review

Treble Tips is a service offered for Treble football bets. The Football Treble tips will consist of three bets put on as either a multi or a joined wager bet depending on which country you live in and the bookmaker service you are using.

Because you are using 3 single bets to make up a treble you can get odds that you would never get with bets on their own. For example one wager might be paying $1.80, another $1.70 and another $2.50. If you put these bets on seperately for $100 level stakes betting you would be returned $180, $170 and $250 for your initial $300 outlay giving you a total of profit of $300.

However if you put a single $100 bet on a treble your return looks like this : $100 x $1.80 x $1.70 x $2.50 for a total return of $765 and a total of profit of $665 after returning your initial $100 outlay for the Treble Tip.

Football Treble Tips
Football Treble Tips Review

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Treble Tips looks at a few different markets within football soccer wagers. These are the 1X2, Double Chance, Asian Handicap and the Under/Over scores wager bets. You place these bets as consolidated wagers or better known as a Multi Bet in Australia. Bets can be placed with a number of bookmakers including SportsBet, Betfair, TAB, William Hill, Ladbrokes. Check out the Daily Soccer Tips / Cheltenham and Treble Racing Tips GG Accumulator

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So how much will Treble Tips set you back?

There are currently 2 methods of payment and they cost £14.95 per month or £67 for the whole year. You can see just by looking at these 2 prices that the yearly payment is the way to go. It is a little more upfront but the savings are quite decent and Treble Tips comes with a Clickbank Money Back Guarantee if you decide the tipping service isn’t for you so there really is nothing to lose here.

What are half-time soccer bets?

Half-time soccer bets are wagers you place with bookmakers to predict the outcome of a soccer match based on the final score at halftime. These are bets that allow the punter to accurately predict the results of the the soccer match after the first 45 minutes of play.

Half-time soccer bets are an alternative to the full time head to head bet and are purely focused on the first 45 minutes rather than the 90 minute duration.

There is also several different wagers that can be placed on these such as total number of goals scored by halftime and also whether or not it is a draw at half time. There are also other wagers you can do.

How do half-time soccer bets work?

Punters place their bets before kick off or live betting they can place them in the first half (not always getting the best odds doing it this way however)

The winnings are paid based on the final outcome after the first 45 minutes of play.

Different types of half-time soccer bets available to the Punter

Half-time correct soccer score: This wager requires the prediction of an exct scoreline at halftime

Half-time total goals: Punters predicts the total number of goals that both teams will score by halftime.

Half-time result: This one is the easiest but also has the least amount of payout because there are only 3 possible outcomes, Team A is winning, Team B is winning or Team A & Team B are a draw.

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At Professional Punting Systems we only give honest reviews of our systems and Treble Tips is still in trial currently so we haven’t got the latest results for you. However you can view them here if you wish to and make a decision of whether or not to give Treble Tips a go. Remember you do have the money back guarantee. The system has been getting some decent reviews in particular across at HorseTipstersReview (HTR)

Treble Tips Review
Treble Tips Review