Eddie Braithwaite’s Win Chaser Tips Review – We discuss whether the Win Chaser Tips system is a scam or a legit horse racing tipster service.

What does Win Chaser include:

Win Chaser will send you on average 2 to 4 tips every single day of the week

With a consistent good track record it can provide a strike rate of around 42% each month which if you are backing around 42 winners out of 100 bets each month you are going to be making some decent profits especially if you have a good progression staking method in place.

If we break down the bets for the months leading up until April 2016 it would look like this.

Win Chaser Review Results
Win Chaser Review Results

Also Edward (Eddie) also guarantees that if after 60 days you haven’t made a profit he will refund your money.

Another great point I would like to make everyone aware of is that this below is Eddie’s William Hill Betting account which shows that he actually places bets on these horses as well.

William Hill Eddie
Betting Account Proof

Simple System to use and all you have to do if check your inbox daily and head over to your favourite bookmaker and place the bets. No work out sheets required.

24/7 Support is also given with Win Chaser Tips which makes it easy in the event where you are confused over any part of the system you can get in contact with Eddies Support Team and get it sorted out for you the same day.

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