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Pete’s Betfair Methods Review

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Kevin Laverick Goal Profits

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Pete’s Betfair Method PDF Download

We show you how Pete’s Betfair Method PDF teaches you how to professionally trade on Betfair and make £50 a day profit.

Peter has been using Betfair for the last 9 years and made a profit from 2 hours trading per day using the bookmaker. You may have used Betfair to place bets in the past but do you know how the professionals use it to trade on the Betfair Exchange?  Betfair holds a huge market in the United Kingdom (U.K) and surrounding areas.

Also download the Free Betfair APP for your Mobile Phone or Tablet, both Android and Apple.

                     Pete’s Betfair Method Review

Pete's Betfair Methods - ₤50 a Day Betfair

This method shows you what works and what doesn’t and saves you the time.

Pete’s Betfair Method shows you how to make make £50 a day on Betfair

This method is for Horse Racing, Rugby, Tennis, Football and more. Peter is also very honest about what this system offers and says himself that he is not a millionaire punter but he is able to make a very good honest living from betting on Betfair.

So how much experience do you need to use

Pete’s Betfair Methods and make £50 a day on Betfair?

Well this is the best part, you don’t need to be a seasoned punter but it would help if you had a general working knowledge of Betfair but even if you don’t it is all set out for you from start to finish in the Betfair Method Ebook.

Pete’s Betfair Methods Review in 2017:

There is also video training included with over 20 videos showing you exactly what you need to start making a profit today.

You also get calculation tools, a couple of methods that are proven and historic data analysis!

Peter Butler shows you a Betfair system that consistently wins long term and earn you 50 pounds per day betting on selections.

The good thing about Pete’s Betfair Methods is that you don’t have to invest a whole lot of time nor money to build a decent bankroll using the system.

In fact you can earn £50 a day profit with just 1 hour per day in most cases.

So in reality how much money can you make with Pete’s Betfair Methods? Well that all comes down to you as the Betfair punter. You need to bet an amount and have a bankroll that you are comfortable betting with.  I recommend starting small with a bank of $500 and building on that but you can bet more or less.

Peter Butler Betfair PDF

Petes Betfair Method PDF

Tennis Cash System Review

Tennis Cash System PDF - Betfair System

The staking plan we are using for Pete’s Betfair Methods

When using Pete’s Betfair Methods I recommend only betting 2.5% of your bank for that initial bet  at any one time.  The reason for betting quite a small stake of your bankroll is that you are able to withstand some losses along the way and ultimately being a gambling system you aren’t going to win every single time although the results of this Betfair Method definitely proves that this system is a winner!

If it is passive income you are looking for with Pete’s Betfair Methods then using a staking plan for your first bet of the day is definitely important as this will help you keep your bankroll in check and also takes away that emotion.

I will be putting together my own staking plan method with results of Pete’s Betfair Method into a PDF document which will be available to download free of charge, so please check back here for the results as we show you month on month results for his methods.  It will be in RAR and ZIP Format as I will be adding files to this each month.

According to moneymakersreviewed.co.uk they are also having some very good results with Peter Butlers Betfair Methods

Never ever chase your losses outside of the Pete’s Betfair Method PDF system rules or you might find yourself losing your whole bankroll.

Sometimes in the world of punting it just may not be your day.  It is important though, that you can always come back to it the next day with a clear head to start punting and hopefully have a winner or 2 and recoup yesterdays losses.

You can buy Pete’s Betfair Method PDF through the link below

To download today visit Pete’s Betfair Method PDF click here.

5 Star High Roller System

Pete's Betfair Methods ₤50 a Day on Betfair

Pete’s Betfair Method PDF Review

Betfair System PDF’s I recommend reading

Another great Betfair PDF include this must read:

The e-book Mastering Betfair available as a PDF as well as a hardcopy is written by Pete Nordsted. Like Pete’s Betfair Method PDF Mastering Betfair also trades in Betfair sporting markets.

Pete Nordsted shows you how to trade in Betfair sporting markets as well as taking advantage of the in-play sporting markets.

Pete shows how many people have started off using Betfair to obtain better odds than other bookmakers. They have then after a while have researched Betfair to use it to their full advantage and learn to trade in the different markets and turn over a regular profit.

Mastering Betfair by Pete shows how using low risk strategies that he himself has developed and used can bring you big profit gains.

If you are looking to start making money I suggest you check out the Mastering Betfair PDF by Pete Nordsted at some point.

Available through Amazon Kindle

Trifecta Betting System and First Four Flexi Bets

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Kevin Laverick Goal Profits

Get your Goal Profits PDF here - Professional Greyhound Betting Systems - Pete's Betfair Method

Betting on the Exotics i.e (Quinella, Exacta, Trifectas and First Fours) can be very expensive, it can also be very rewarding when you get a win.  The best way to play Exactas, Trifectas and First Fours is definately to box all your selections, that way they can finish up in any order as long as they are in the top 2, 3 or 4 depending on the exotic you have taken.

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Different types of First Four Bets

The Boxed First Four Bet

This is when you pick which 4 horses or greyhounds you think are going to be the first 4 horses across the finishing line in no particular order.  What you are doing is covering all the possible combinations of these runners.

There is 24 different combinations that could possibly be run when selecting 4 runners so if you put staked $1 your total outlay for the race would be $24 unless you take a Boxed First Four Flexi Bet for 50% which would cost you $12 or a Flexi Bet for 25% which would cost you $6.

Normal Straight First Four Bet

This is the hardest of them all! This is when you pick the first 4 runners and the correct order in which they will finish.  You will maximise your profits if you pick it correctly but it is extremely hard to do.

The Standout First Four Bet

This is probably my favourite.  This is where you pick 1 runner to win the race, something you are pretty confident can win the race, could be part of a system bet or maybe you had it in your blackbook runners.  By doing this you lower the combinations for your 2nd, 3rd and 4th picks. Your total stake for a First Four Bet is now lowered to $6 for a 100% return on your first four dividend.

Your 2nd 3rd and 4th picks can still run in any order.  You can also throw in a roving banker if you like which you can pick to run 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

Below are a list of First Fours that generally pay very well.  These are bigger races but they are much more open market betting races.

Tennis Cash System Review

Tennis Cash System PDF - Betfair System

Melbourne Cup First Four
Crown Oaks First Four
Cox Plate First Floor
Epsom First Four
Caulfield Guineas First Four
Golden Slipper First Four
Bendigo Cup First Four
Caulfield Cup First Four
Greyhound Golden Easter Egg First Four

Flexi Betting is a way of keeping the prices down on exotics.  This method is sometimes referred to as percentage betting and is where you bet a smaller amount for the exotic bet and then you get a percentage of the win dividend.  Here is an example:

You decide to have a bet in the Cox Plate or the Melbourne Cup (these being larger pool races the exotics in these races generally pay a lot more, for example the 2012 Melbourne Cup Trifecta paid over $50,000 in NSW TAB and the first 4 paid over 1.4+ million on the NSW TOTE.

So here is how we work it out:

You have worked out your best 10 horses to take out the trifecta in the Melbourne Cup.  Those 10 horses if you were to box them all equals a total of 720 combinations and for a single $1 this would cost you $720 in total.  However the trifecta in 2012 paid $50,000+ but lets say you don’t have a spare $720 ito just bet on a race, maybe you have a spare $72.  So you back all of your 10 horses in the Melbourne Cup Trifecta and select the Flexi Betting option.  You then put in your total bet amount of $72, you now will receive 10 % of the winning dividend in this case if you would of had Green Moon, Fiorente and Jakkalberry as part of your 10 horses you would receive a little over $5,100 for your initial $72 outlay.

As far as boxing exactas I have never really seen the sense in doing this as it is quite rare to see the exacta pay more than twice what the quinella is paying.  I would rather just add an extra unit to the quinella, generally you will come out a considerable amount ahead of boxing the exacta.

It appears that the First Four Betting System Ebook is no longer being sold as when you are directed to this website now there is nothing more than a related links button with links to Horse Racing Betting Odds, Roulette and Horse Racing Betting.  Kate McEvoy must of pulled the plug on the book or forgot to renew her domain and hosting.

Kate McEvoy – First Four Betting System Ebook shows you how to back trifectas and first fours and win using roving bankers and flexi betting.  Kate also shows you how Horse Racing Odds are far greater at receiving a dividend than if you were to play the lotto and believe me some of the prices first fours pay you can win just as much as if you were to have been playing the Lotto.

Download your First Four Betting System Ebook here now.  A torrent of cash for the winners.

Greyhound Racing First Four

Wentworth Park First 4 Greyhound

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Pete’s Betfair Method Discount

Smart Money Law System Discount

Z Code System Discount

Smart Money Law System Review with results

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Kevin Laverick Goal Profits

Get your Goal Profits PDF here - Professional Greyhound Betting Systems - Pete's Betfair Method

Results of the Smart Money Law System can vary greatly from month to month

The Smart Money Law PDF System claims to win 91.3% of all Sports Bets.

That is 9 out of 10 Bets you will collect a winning on with Smart Money Law.  Each day with the Smart Money Law System you have one bet which is the Best of The Day Sports Bet.  You get an Ebook with this system that explains very simply how to pick your one bet for the day and place a bet.  The ebook also shows you how to turn a simple $10 bet into $235 every bet and even better still how for $100 bets you can make $96,000 + this year.

The Smart Money Law PDF System is a set and forget system meaning that you don’t have to sit there waiting for odds to change and betting etc.  You also don’t need a form guide as this system does not base anything on past form of a team.  This system only works on sports where there is an A and B side meaning that if there is a draw then you can’t use this system to bet on that sport.

The Smart Money Law System differs from Pete’s Betfair Methods as it is completely set and forget where the Pete’s Betfair Method PDF shows you how to look for bets before closing.


Smart Money Law System Review

Smart Money Law System Review

Now I have been trialling this system for over a month now and my findings from those 30+ bets is that while yes I have had winnings, I have had nowhere near the 91.3% winners that the system claimed to have.  Now up until yesterday based on 35 bets I have had 24 winners with an overall profit of 11.5 points.  This equates to $110.50 on $10 bets and $1,105 on $100 bets.  Your overall outlay would of been $350 for a return of $460.50 on $10 bets or an outlay of $3,500 for a return of $4,605 over the 35 days. So overall the figures are a little off the original winnings claim but still not bad at all when compared to other investments such as bank interest etc, although the risk is also less with the banks.

In summing up it is not a bad system at all and especially when you look at the price tag of only $49.95 it is definately a system I am happy with using. By my calculations the overall winners were 68% which is still a great record for a sports betting system.

5 Star High Roller System

Zcode System $3,752 Profit Last Week

Get the Smart Money Law System cheaper!

Tennis Cash System Review

Tennis Cash System PDF - Betfair System

This system is currently $39.95 so you should jump on it straight away to avoid missing out.

What exactly will you get with the Smart Money Law System?

Well it depends which package you take up:

The first package consists of:

The Smart Money Law Ebook PDF
A Bonus Weekly Income Blueprint which shows you how to turn a $10 investment into $235 on a weekly basis.

You also get the $96,000 a year Smart Money Law Blueprint.  You will need to be placing $100 a bet to use this Bonus.

Also included is the PRO Bettor’s Blueprint – Income Guaranteed for LIFE!

The 2nd Package includes everything that the first one included plus you also get daily picks for life to the Smart Money Law System.  You can login and check out the members area and it is there that you will get daily access to those days system selections.

Propuntingsystems.com rates the Smart Money Law PDF System an overall score of 3.5/5.0

Check out our Pete’s Betfair Methods Review if you are a Betfair punter.

Click here to Download your Copy of the Smart Money Law System