Chris Clifford Betting Review

Chris Clifford is a long-term punter who has been able to turn his punting into a profitable hobby.

The Betfair Strategy Chris uses is made up of two different methods using the Betfair Exchange. With the Betfair Exchange it gives you the freedom to play whenever you feel like it as it runs all day & night.

Chris Clifford Betting Review
Profit Pulling Secrets

Chris started this off as a bit of a hobby a few years back after he had retired and has been able to turn these 2 methods into an additional income in his retirement. He averages anywhere between £50 and £100 a day (think Pete’s Betfair Method) but with 2 new methods to ramp up your earnings.

The way that Betfair works for anyone new to this is that you aren’t playing against the house like Sportsbet, Bet365, William Hill etc. You are actually betting against other punters for an outcome. One punter might think that a certain outcome has no chance while you believe that it has a good chance. You bet that it can win while the other punter bets that it will lose. Look up Win/Lay betting.

Q:Will Betfair ever shut your account down for consistently winning?
A:No, as betting on the exchange means that Betfair actually takes a commission based on the market. This is called the Market Base Rate (MBR). This rate is worked out and is the maximum percentage of winnings that you will ever pay in commission to Betfair. All you need to do is choose the market you wish to play in and click the ‘rules’ button.

Q:How long does it take to get started with Chris Cliffords Betting Method?
A: As soon as you sign up you will have instant access to Profit Pulling Secrets (2) Betfair Strategy PDF’s. You could have your first winning bet within an hour.

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