Richard Lustig’s Lottery Winner University Review

Richard Lustig has come up with a guaranteed to work lottery system. That doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to win the major jackpot on the next Powerball or OZ Lotto ticket that you buy but it guarantees to increase your chances of winning across all divisions for smaller prizes as well as a chance to hit that major jackpot.

In a way I guess Lottery Winner University captures our attention even in a small way to each and every one of us because there is always that voice in your head telling you that this could be your lucky day and you could win the lottery. Just look at those draws where the jackpot skyrockets to unseen and unheard of levels like $500 million Powerball jackpots. You see the lines out the doors at your local newsagents for people wanting to buy a ticket and just have their chance at having a little luck on their side and winning that major prize.

Lotto Winner University Download

The problem with most people that buy lotto tickets is that they always seem to purchase lottery tickets based on an autopick. For those not familiar with lotto in general an autopick or an “auto lotto processor”.  This is where you work up to the counter in your local newsagent and say “could I just have 18 games” or however many games you wish to play. The machine then generates the random numbers and lines for you. To me this is where Lottery Winner University can help you.

Do you realise that even though the lottery is one of those games with absolutely no memory there are statistics based on the history of playing the lotto. These statistics over 100’s and 1000’s of lottery games show patterns. Patterns for example where some numbers sleep for longer periods of time, the amount of times each number has been drawn and how long since each number has been drawn.

lotto winner university review

Lottery Winner University Statistics

There are many other statistics and those above are just an example of how you can use Lottery Winner University to smartly play the lotto and give yourself that winning edge. You give yourself that winning edge because you are now understanding that past history and the statistics behind the lottery actually do play a major key role in determining future numbers.

It is a bit like playing Roulette. How many times have you seen a number come up 2 or maybe 3 times in a row. This brings the statistics for this number up and then that number may sleep for 70 or 80 spins. Not saying it happens everytime but it definitely does happen on a regular basis.

lottery winner university review

Lottery Winner University – Overview – What do you get?

So let’s first look at what you get with Richards Lottery Winner University.

You are going to get the following:
Lottery Winner University PDF – online training book
Lottery Winner University online program – no fluff guide to winning the lottery
Lottery Winner University Tips & Tricks – Save your money, they show you the tips & tricks to smaller outlays and bigger returns

Something else to be noted about the Lottery Winner University is that this whole course is actually written by someone who is quite the expert on winning the lottery.

It isn’t written by someone who just thinks this is the way to win the lottery, they have actually won it!

This course will suit anyone from your beginner who has never put on a game of lotto in their life to your seasoned lottery player.

You also are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee – no hidden surprises. If in 60 days you aren’t happy with what you have learnt. Simply ask for a refund.

Lotto Winner University Download
Lotto Winner University