Below is a list of profitable Gambling Betting Systems.

Greyhound Racing System – $6,000 profit in 90 days : This betting system is for Australian greyhound racing only.  You can’t apply this to racing overseas as it works on a set of rules using a TAB form guide that is only available to Australian Greyhound tracks.  Click here to Download your Copy today.

This Greyhound Racing System PDF is still working in 2017!

I have been asked quite a few times lately if this greyhound racing system is still working.  The answer is Yes.  It will continue to work because it only looks at quality greyhound races and greyhound meets such as Wentworth Park and The Meadows for it’s selections.  We are going to place our latest results here after the Saturday Wentworth Park greyhound meeting.

Wentworth Park Greyhounds 29th April 2017 Results

Wentworth Park R1 No 8 Asa Borboza – 2nd $1.60
Wentworth Park R5 No 1 Utah Miss – 3rd NTD
Wentworth Park R8 No 3 Chase The Cash – WON $4.30/1.60 (could of got this at $7.00 fixed in early market). Early bird catches the worm!
Wentworth Park R10 No 2 Corrupt Millions – 2nd $1.45

5 Winners from 7 Bets for Race Meeting 213. Results are below:

Wentworth Park R2 No 6 Princess Black – WON $2.90/1.50
Wentworth Park R4 No 2 Peter Rocket – WON $2.40/1.30
Wentworth Park R5 No 3 Spud Regis – WON $1.80/1.04
Wentworth Park R6 No 8 Jagger Swagger – WON $2.10/1.10
Wentworth Park R7 No 6 Punch One Out – 2nd $1.10
Wentworth Park R10 No 4 Sometimes Speedy – WON $1.50/1.20
The Meadows R8 No 4 Linden Magpie – UNP

7 Point Outlay with a 10.7 Point return
$370 Profit on Night

Here is some Ebay feedback from when The Greyhound Betting System PDF was being sold on Ebay.  Ebay changed their digital format rules requiring a physical copy to be sent through the post so the decision was made to only sell through the offical website.

Ebay Betting System
Feedback from when the Oz Financial Freedom Greyhound System was sold on

Silver Lotto System: This is a 20 year old proven lotto system that does not guarantee you a Division 1 prize but will have you winning a lot more than if you were just to pick a bunch of random numbers.  It works based on past statistics that show patterns in numbers.  You may be familiar with other Betting Systems for Roulette etc where you have hot and cold numbers, playing Lotto is much the same.  While it is a game that has no memory of past results there are still patterns that will come up time and time again much like flipping a coin 100 times will see an estimated 50/50 result for heads/tails.  Click here to Download your Copy today.

5 Star High Roller System
Zcode System $3,752 Profit Last Week

Bonus Bagging Loophole:  This is not so much a system in itself but shows you how a loophole that a lot of bookmakers / casinos don’t want you to know about.  It is based on signing up for an account with a betting agency and legally being entitled to a free sign up bonus usually in the form of free cash which you can use to place bets.  The Bonus Bagging Loophole shows you how to do this with ease and grab your free bonuses with lots of different betting agencies.  Click here to Download your Copy today.

Z Code System:  This is by far one of the best betting systems I have seen in a long time.  There is a 6 minute unedited video showing proof of earnings and some of the results are just extraordinary!  You will be betting on NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB, they have a V.I.P section where tips are emailed straight to you generally 24 hours before the game.  The Z Code System took 27 months to develop and has over 21 programmers currently working full time on the system.  There is also a forum to chat with other members and share ideas ( for the serious professional punter especially a punter that loves their sport you need this system ).  Click here to Download your Copy today.

3 Minute Bets:  This is a betting system for the Horse Racing Punter. 3 Minute Bets is a membership that gives you selections based on a criteria they have been using for a long time.  The great thing about this system is that it also has an each way betting option which still can make you a nice profit. Watch the video on their website here.  Skip to around 6 minutes for the interesting part.  Click here to Download your Copy today.

How to Place Bet on Favourites for a Living:  This system on it’s own is not going to make you a ton of money but it still has a lot going for it.  Again this is a horse racing system but there is no reason why you couldn’t apply it to Greyhounds and even Harness Racing, remember a lot more favourites while not winning each race still finish in the top 3.  They show you how $15 turns into $150 quickly and easily. With a 96% strike rate on placings you can see that this system definately has a lot of potential. Mohammad Ali has been making money with this very system since 1992. Click here to Download your Copy today.

Blackjack Sniper Software: This system includes a software package for online play with Blackjack.  How it works is that you enter the cards in that you have received as well as the cards that the dealer has and the software runs through its statistics to determine what your next action should be.  You can even have the option of playing up to 5 hands at a time!  There is also an advanced options part where you can enter how you want to wager each time, as well as your win limit.  There is also a free trial available of the Blackjack Sniper software for you to download before you buy.  Click here to Download your Copy today.

No Limit Texas Hold’em System:  This system helped Jonathon Little earn over $4 million as a professional poker player.  It doesn’t matter whether you play at PokerStars or or you play Poker elsewhere online this will help you win a lot more often.  You can use this in Sit-N-Gos or a Multiable Tournament and the outcome will still be the same.  Watch the 41 minute video now.  Click here to Download your Copy today

Da Vinci Roulette Calculator System: Win At Roulette. Software System Leaked By An Online Casino Programmer That Is Designed To Help You Beat Roulette. 100% Effective. Win Roulette Every Single Time! New And Exclusive To 2013. Give Yourself The Better Advantage Today.

90 Second Tennis Cash System:  Mohammad Ilyaz Ali from the Horse Racing Betting System also uses this system.  You can see snapshots of his winnings on the Tennis Betting website. He grew a $900 bank to over $44,000 in just 5 months and after 11 months he had made over $166,000!  Chris Campbell who created the system shows how will just level stakes betting he was able to make a profit of $37,000 in 2011.  In fact every year since 2003 it has made a profit, the worst performing year so far has been 2005 where it made a profit of $28,000.  Click here to Download your Copy today.

Winning Golf Picks  – The Golf Betting System: This system has already seen punters profit $10,000 for the year in 2012.  It has picked some big priced winners as well

May 23rd, 2012 – 15/1 Winner – Zach Johnson +1500 Crowne Plaza Invitational
May 3rd, 2012 – 45/1 Winner – Rickie Fowler +4500 Wells Fargo Championship
April 26th, 2012 – 27/1 Winner – Jason Dufner +2700 Zurich Classic
2012 Masters 50/1 Winner – Bubba Watson +5000 Masters 2012
February 16th, 2012 – 50/1 Winner – Bill Haas +5000 Nothern Trust Open
February 9th, 2012 – 20/1 Winner – Phil Mickelson +2000 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

Watch the Video and see for yourself.  Click here to Download your Copy Today.