Odds Worth Betting Review

Odds Worth Betting Review is a complete review of the OWB Betting System by James Jones who describes himself as a Las Vegas Legend. The site in question is oddsworthbetting.com. James Jones has partnered with a retired star athlete who for security reason their name cannot be disclosed.

So what can you expect to receive as an Odds Worth Betting Member?

Well you will be able to use The Odds Betting Login to get syndicate picks as well as The Grand Slam Package. This entitles you to Instant 24 hour access of the Premium Picks.

Odds Worth Betting Review
Odds Worth Betting

You will also receive the actual Odds Worth Betting Premium Betting System PDF Ebook itself!

There is all day premium picks across both Professional as well as college sports giving you the freedom to choose which one you prefer or you can just bet on every single game. The College Picks do seem to profit more though from our trial.

With Odds Worth Betting Syndicate Picks you also get access to a couple ebooks. I wanted to bring this up because the first one is Success Equation: Untangling Skill and Luck in Business, Sports and Investing by Michael Mauboussin.

This book is a great read not just for with this system but day to day life and any other investments you might have such as real estate or forex.

There is also another book by Jack Schwager called Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders and again this book is a must read.

Odds Worth Betting Review Score

We believe at Professional Punting Systems that Odds Worth Betting is Legit and give it a score of 3.0/5.0. I do advise you to read below though to understand everything regarding OWB.

While we see this service as legit (profitable) it does not entirely mean that it lives entirely up to some of the sales copy lying around.

To get your trial of Odds Worth Betting Syndicate Picks as well as the PDF Ebooks or Buy it – Click Here

Odds Worth Betting Review
Odds Worth Betting Review

Odds Worth Betting Scam?

Now to Odds Worth Betting Review Scam Complaints

We did a little research to see what scam complaints were out there and I am not going to lie we did find a couple.

But when we read into them it was more a case of the customer not being happy with the product for other reasons other than that it was a scam. What I mean by that is that for one reason or another a customer wasn’t happy but it had nothing to do with the integrity of James Jones or his products such as the Odds Worth Betting PDF and more to do with not understanding that you can’t win them all.

In saying that this betting system does seem to have quite a few runs of no collects (losses) which can be very worrying at times especially if you are running a small bankroll.  I like to trade on paper for at least a month when trialing a new system or tipping service and what I found during the trial is that I would of been in front by a small margin after taking into account the membership fees.

Odds Worth Betting Review – The Losses

As with most betting systems Odds Worth Betting can have losses that potentially could see you as a punter jump in right when they experience some losses.  Because you jump in at that time you fear that the system may not work. However, the great thing about Odds Worth Betting is that it has a history of results to back up it’s claims as well as a very active Facebook Page. Users can discuss their wins and staking plan strategies.

Odds Worth Betting comes with plenty of testimonials ranging from stumbling across the website 8 months ago and being up $31,700 to the guy that was able to buy his girlfriend a $27,000 engagement ring within just 2 months of using Odds worth Betting. To me this is just pure sales copy and is not at all what you can or should expect from this tipping service.

If however you are looking to make money gradually with Odds Worth Betting then you may be on the right track in giving this tipping service a go. While I can’t promise a certain amount that you can make each month from the service, I think $200+ could be quite obtainable out of the service after taking your membership costs out.

Odds Worth Betting also covers these sports: NFL, College Basketball Tipping Service as well as NBA, NHL and a list of other sports meaning you can have bets every single day of the week.


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