Quantum Binary Signals is run by some very successful former hedge fund traders with loads of experience in predicting the sometimes very unpredictable market.

Quantum Binary Signals Review

Below you can see how complex Binary Signals can be and why if you are just starting to trade it is better off having some very experienced traders helping you along.

With Quantum Binary Signals you will get automatic alerts to your phone via an app for stock options, indices and commodities for you to openly trade on throughout the course of the day.

So how much is Quantum Binary Signals going to cost you?
Ok. So there is a 7 day trial available for $9.99 which is a pretty good deal if you ask me as this gives you time to try out the software and full features.  The software provided by Quantum Binary Signals also gives you the option of either daily payment or a monthly subscription fee.  Personally it doesn’t matter which option you take they both work out to be the same cost for the month anyway. It just comes down to personal preference as to how you would like to part with your money.

What Guarantee is their with Quantum Binary Signals?

Well they guarantee that with options trading that you will win 85% of all trades on a monthly basis.  The trading process only takes a couple mins every day and can be done with the click of a button.  You also will be sent different trades during the day every single day via SMS and email.

So what is a binary option?

A binary option is an option where there is only two possible outcomes.  Basically you as a binary trader take a yes or no option on the price of a stock or maybe an asset such as a currency exhcnage (see Forex).  The result is a payoff of all or nothing.

Binary options can only be paid out on the expiration date.  If at expiration the option is above a certain price the buyer or seller of the option receives a pre-specified amount of money.  Binary Options are sometimes referred to as ‘digital options’.

Deciding your Binary options position.  You will need to take a look at current market conditions and look at stocks or other assets depending on what you are trading in and determine whether the price is more likely to rise or fall.  If you are correct come expiration date, your payoff is the settlement value as determined on your original binary contract.

Let’s take a look at an example.  An investor following a foreign currency movement (also known as forex) feels as though the USD (U.S Dollar) is gaining against the AUD (Australian Dollar) and wants to hedge a risk to try and stop his Australian investment from dropping in value.  The investor can do this by buying 1000 binary contracts in USD/AUD to say it will be above 73 cents by 2 O’clock Thursday. If the USD then gains ground on the AUD and pushes through 73 cents the 1000 binary contracts the investor has placed then expire.  Now lets say that the investor had paid $75 per contract. He makes $25 per contract in profit yielding a total payout of $100,000 and a total profit of $25,000