REV Trader PRO EA is a completely automatic system. The Rev Trader PRO advisor will determine the most likely trend for the future 2 days and opens an order in the specified time.  This system is proven and gives a very healthy 90% on all win trades.

Not sure of what Forex Trading is?
Basically Forex Trading is the profit / loss that is made trading different foreign currencies against one another.  For example the US Dollar against the Australian Dollar, as this fluctuates there is a chance to make money depending on what the currency you are trading is worth.

Unlike a lot of other Forex Trading System software packages this one is actually very easy to install and setup.  So what currencies does this work with you ask.  It works with all currency pairs EURUSD, GBPUSB, AUDUSD, NZDUSD.  Best of all you can tweak the software for the best settings for any currency pair for even more profits.

Once you have installed your REV Trader PRO software you are right to leave the software to automate trades for you.  The software uses special analytical rules to know when to complete a trade on a certain currency and generally are measured in PIPS.

The startup costs can look a little high to get going but you have to remember that some people make upwards of $100K+ and well into the $Millions of dollars per year trading forex.  This is a business opportunity and needs to be treated as one.  Basically you are paying for 1000’s of hours worth of research, programming, analytics from a bunch of very experienced Forex traders.

Fortunately there is a payment plan for the REV Trader PRO EA of $297 made up of 3 installments which makes that purchase a whole lot easier.  Look at it this way, you pay your first $297 to get in and setup and then your profits help pay for the other 2 payments depending on how many hours you are putting in daily to grow your Forex account.

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