Laying the 3rd Favourite Greyhound Betting System Strategy

The strategy for laying the 3rd favourite greyhound system is very simple and set out below.  We review the simple greyhound lay betting strategy below

1.  Race must have 8 starters.  Absolutely no scratchings!
2.  Watch the odds at 2 minutes.
3.  Refresh for final 60 seconds
4.  The pick is the Greyhound which is 3rd in the betting market.
5.  Only place a lay bet if the Greyhound odds are between 6.5 to 8.5


There was a 3rd selection for the Australian Greyhound Betting System that didn’t place on the night in the first race at Wentworth Park Greyhounds called Lady Divine


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Rebel Betting Software Review

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That’s it. No more rules.  You will notice that the rules for this greyhound betting system are a lot more simple than Michaels place lay formula rules for instance which takes a lot longer at times to find selections.

Greyhound Racing System for Betfair

Download the Greyhound Betting System PDF here

What is the Best Greyhound Trap to Lay Betting Strategy?

The best greyhound traps to lay are obviously the middle traps.  Depending if it is a 6 starter or 8 start greyhound race will depend how this works.  Also allowing for no scratchings.  For example an 8 start race the best traps to lay would 4-5-6.  When selecting these traps and which is best to lay you are going to want to keep in mind the odds.  You want to find The False Favourite Greyhound to lay.  My personal favourite greyhound trap to lay is the 5 trap when it has the favourite greyhound for that race.  I usually lay the 5 trap/box if it has a greyhound between the odds of $2-$3.  If it is odds on I tend to leave it as a lot of these greyhounds don’t have a bias as to what trap they come out of and will usually lead the race early. As you can see this is quite an easy and straight forward simple greyhound system when factoring in the rules behind selecting the greyhound with the best chance to win the race.

Greyhound Lay System
Greyhound Lay System

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As you can see the mathematics & strategy behind this Simple Greyhound System betting strategy are very simple.  You can even use this as a trifecta system on your greyhound selections by leaving the 3rd favourite out of your selections and taking a flexi trifecta with the favourite, 2nd favourite, 4th favourite and 5th favourite only when the 3rd favourite is at between 6.5 and 8.5 in the betting market. This put together with another system such as Pete’s Betfair Method PDF will get you a fair few selections every day of the week

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Greyhound Betfair System PDF
Betfair Greyhound System PDF

Lay the 3rd Favourite Greyhound System Review

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You can’t place lay bets on these runners in advance, it must be done in the final 1 minute of betting. The reason for this is that a lot of big punters and people with knowledge on these Greyhound Racing Tips tend to place a bet in the final 2 minutes before a race starts.

How to Bet on a Dog Racing Strategy with a Staking Plan

It is up to you whether or not you want to use a staking plan with your betting on your dog racing strategy but generally speaking you should be winning on average 85% of all your lays with this greyhound betting strategy.  This means that you will even see a profit on level stakes betting. The best way would be to probably use no more than 3% progression to ensure your liability doesn’t become so great that you wipe out your bankroll if you did have an unlucky betting streak.  Remember this is not a completely Zero Risk Betting Strategy. You can see similar staking plans when we talk about using Greyhound Racing Software.  The Total Betting Club is also another great resource for both lay betting strategies as well as staking plans.

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