Zero Risk Betting Strategies to use in 2024

It is important to remember when looking at a zero risk betting strategy that there is no such thing as being completely risk free of loss. What we can look at though is a way to put the odds more in your favour to adopt a very minimal risk strategy when it comes to betting.

Zero Risk Betting Strategy in the form of Bonus Hunting

If we look at Bonus Hunting as an example of a zero risk betting strategy we can take advantage of the sign up bonuses or promotions that the bookmakers offer to get you to become a member. Usually they would be things like matching your initial deposit.

There are several ways that bookmakers will offer these bonuses to even retain an existing customer so keep in mind that the bonuses you receive are not just when you sign up but ongoing offers from time to time to make sure you don’t want to go elsewhere.

These can also include cashback offers, free bets, deposit bonuses, matched bonuses. It is extremely important when taking up any of these bookmaker betting bonuses that you also read the terms and conditions to make sure of things like how many times you may have to turn over your initial deposit.


Rebel Betting Software – Zero Risk Betting Software

Rebel Betting Software is an app to do exactly that, place bets on 2 possible outcomes.  We recently shows the pros and cons of using the Rebel Betting Software package and you can read more about it on the Reviews page.  Click here to be redirected to the Rebel Betting Review

How to Make Money in Betting Without Losing

For any of these strategies and the best possibility to make money in betting without losing would have to be combining both Bonus Hunting and Arbitrage Betting.  The reason behind this is you are able to in most cases at least 300% your original outlay giving you plenty of room to experiment with arbitrage betting.  Another site to check out when it comes to bonus hunting would be the bonus bagging site.  They show you through a walk-through guide a way to make thousands of dollars completely risk free.

Zero Risk Betting Strategy
Bonus Bagging Risk Free

Bonus Hunting Advantages

When it comes to bonus hunting there are definitely a lot of ways to capitalise. Say you have a starting bankroll of $1,000, you could potentially turn that into $4,000 including bonuses very easily. One strategy would be to spread $250 across four bookmakers to take advantage of a bonus match or even more.

This will also help enhance your profitability long term as you initially were only starting out with $1,000 but now you have $4,000 to turn over in bets.

It also helps you to strategically think about what risk you are willing to take given that you will have $3,000 of the bookmakers money you can afford to take more risk knowing that you still have your $1,000 capital.

While there are plenty of advantages to bonus hunting it has to be said that there are also some downfalls when it comes to this betting strategy. This is why it is so important to look over the terms & conditions to make sure that you can successfully fulfil any complex wagering requirements that the bookmaker may have put in place. Some of these can also include time limits like having to turn over your initital deposit plus the bonus in 7 days or 30 days in a lot of cases.



Zero Risk Strategic Bonus Hunting & Staying Profitable

Before signing up for a bonus you will need to work out things like your average bet size and how many bets on a daily or weekly basis you plan on doing.

It is also important to remember and we have heard many stories especially in countries like Australia of bookmakers shutting down profitable gamblers for taking advantage or having an unfair advantage that they believe the general public doesn’t have. To me this is just a loophole to shut down profitable gamblers as their business model relies on gamblers that lose.

I would never make bonus hunting my only source of gambling income as I feel the more people that gain this knowledge the more bookmakers will make us jump through more hoops to fulfil these signup and deposit betting bonuses.

Arbitrage Betting a Zero Risk Betting Strategy?

Arbitrage Betting is a relatively zero risk betting strategy and can be used with bonus hunting.
When we look at arbitrage betting we are looking for an angle to exploit an odds gap between 2 bookmakers. This comes back to my strategy around splitting $1,000 between 4 bookmakers so that you can take advantage of situations like this. The other strategy is in the Betfair Sniper PDF below.

You will need to find a variation between 2 of your signed up for bookmakers where they haven’t assessed the result outcome in the same way. When you take advantage of a situation like this you can profit no matter which outcome eventuates. This is known as arbitrage.

Arbitrage is also risk free profit because you are able to cover every possible outcome that can occur. You may have to scan the sites daily for possibly an hour or so to find opportunities where this is happening and you need to act fast.

Pete's Betfair Method PDF
Pete’s Betfair Method

Arbitrage Betting Fool Proof and a Zero Risk Strategy?

One thing to keep in mind when arbitrage betting is that you need to make sure that you can cover both betting limits between the bookmakers. When I say this it is no good if you find for example a team paying $2.10 on Sportbet and the other team paying $2.20 on Bet365 but you can put $1000 on the team at Sportsbet and only $400 on the other team at Bet365. You wouldn’t of successfully covered all outcomes for a profit.

When it comes to Arbitrage Betting, while being a zero risk betting strategy it still takes research and planning as well as watching your bankroll to make this a profitable betting strategy. A lot of these arbitrage betting opportunities are quite rare and especially as the bookmakers have more technology at their disposal than ever before you can see that gap is closing.

My conclusion is though that there will always be arbitrage betting opportunities but you need to act fast to be able to take advantage of it.