Is Rebel Betting Legit? A Comprehensive Review and RebelBetting Discount

Looking to make £100 a day in profit on Betfair? Why stop there? You may be interested in the latest Rebel Betting Software, which comprises of both the Sure Betting and Value Betting tools. But the question is: is it legit? Let’s take a closer look at this Rebel Betting Review and see your discount for the software below.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that the software is completely run through AI and can be run either as an app or straight off your browser. If you’re using the software to arbitrage, you will need a starting balance of no less than $1,500 (2K highly recommended). Access to around 3 or 4 bookmakers to put $400-$500 into each account is also required.

Rebel Betting Software Review

How much money can you make with Rebel Betting System?

One of the benefits of using RebelBetting is that you can use a staking plan with both the Sure Betting and Value Betting tools. You can even apply the settings directly in the software so that it works out your bets for you, and all you have to do is place them.

With the Surebetting part of the software a quick installation on your pc will get you moving. This doesn’t run directly off the browser at this stage. However, the Rebel Betting Software value betting part will run straight off the browser, or you have the option to install it directly onto your desktop.

Bonus Bets with Bookmakers using Rebel Betting System

But what about bookmakers? There are plenty to choose from for RebelBetting, with bonus bets available with DiamondSportsBook, DraftKings, 5Dimes, Bwin, Boylesports, BetVictor, Bet365, Betfred, Betsson, and many more. You can successfully arbitrage your bets among a range of these, depending on your bankroll. Some of these bookmakers also offer multiple currencies while others are only available in USD or Euro.

With a lot of these bookmakers, they also pay you signup bonuses to give you even more money to bet with. A lot of these will be matched bonus bets (a small deposit of $200 and they match $200, for instance). Pinnacle, BetVictor currently have an offer of BEST BET BOOSTED with BetVictor! £/$/€100 Matched Bet Offer. However, they do have jurisdictions, and this is why a lot of people use a VPN with these bookmakers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding Rebel Betting.

What is the ROI on value betting?

Currently the ROI for value betting is over 35% and there is even more value as the betting continues. Plug some numbers into the value betting calculator and change the values up and down to work out how much you can make. This is using the value betting profit calculator to see how much money you can make. Just like you would with any Betfair Method, you can play with these odds to work out your best return

Can you lose in value betting?

Value betting isn’t completely risk free and some punters do forget this. With an even chance you can still lose around 50% of all bets places because you are only betting on one side so it can’t possibly cover your outlay on the other outcome of that game you are playing. You can only do this with sure betting which is completely different to value betting

What is the difference between a Surebet and a Valuebet?

The different between a surebet and valuebet is that with a value bet you are only betting on one singular outcome for the game you are betting on. It generally covers a higher risk but also the risk/reward ratio is generally higher. If you look at a Surebet / Arbitrage bet for example you will generally find you will not get much better than a 1.5% edge to bet on.


Is there a free trial or a RebelBetting Discount?

If you’re unsure about whether Rebel Betting is for you, there is a 14-day free trial available with no credit card required. After this, you’ll be required to pay a monthly subscription fee.

In conclusion, while there are mixed opinions about Rebel Betting, it’s worth trying it out for yourself and seeing if it works for you. For more information, check out the interview with 3 sports bettors on the Rebel Betting page. And if you’re interested in making £50 a day in profit on Betfair, consider giving it a try! Grab your RebelBetting Discount here

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Best Arbitrage Betting Software

The use of arbitrage betting software is becoming a lot more common these days with the ever evolving technology available to us on the web.

The best arbitrage betting software allows us real-time odds so that we can compare across multiple bookmakers that we are signed up with and identify gaps in the market between those bookmakers. It is purely relying on complex algorithms and mathematical calculations to determine where we can turn a profit no matter the outcome or result.

You want to be using the best arbitrage betting software that you can possibly get your hands on if you want to be able to quickly identify profitable opportunity in the market and maximise your profits.

It doesn’t just come down to using the best arbitrage betting software though as you also want to make sure that you are using reputable bookmakers that are willing to take your bets in the amount that you want to place them across all platforms so that you can make these profits.

Rebel Betting Software in our view fits this criteria. With the ease of use software making it such a simple process to find these value betting opportunities and profit from the outcome. See it in action here.

Rebel Betting Software Review
Rebel Betting Software Review