Ultimate Guide to Greyhound Racing Software and Betting Strategies

Looking for your next powerful tool to gain an edge in your Greyhound Betting? Then look no further than our Greyhound Racing Software analysis. With our advanced features such as advanced race algorithms and real-time race analysis, these reviews are the absolute success for any serious professional punter.

Greyhound Racing is a popular sport where you bet on the outcome through a bookmaker or online betting agency to predict the greyhound you think is going to win the race. These predictions take a great degree of acuracy and require the right tools, strategies and software to make a lot of money on a platform such as Betfair.

Greyhound Racing Software
Greyhound Racing Software

What is Greyhound Racing Software?

Greyhound racing software is an application or program that you install on your computer, laptop or smart device to measure the best possible outcome.

In most cases it will analyze the past performance data such as the following:

Last race distance run over
Last finishing position
How many lengths did it win by or was beaten by
Last starting odds
Greyhound trainer
Has the greyhound won at this track before?

How do you use greyhound racing software to pick winning greyhounds?

This is determined by the racing software looking at advanced algorithms. The software can check best sectionals and other data over recent runs as well as career. The software can also check fluctuations in odds and follow where the big money is going in the greyhound race.

Another way that Greyhound Racing Software can help predict winners is looking at where the money is flowing. Say a big professional punter places a bet of £5,000 on a greyhound you would expect that they have some inside knowledge. This could be that they know the trainer, have studied the live races, following a system of their own as well as many other variables.

With Greyhound Racing Software it is extremely important to still make sure that you are setting betting limits. You need to do this to make sure that you avoid losing your entire bankroll is something does go wrong or you set something up wrong within the software.

Greyhound Prediction Software – Complex Algorithms

With Greyhound Prediction Software there are some quite complex algorithms taking place behind the scenes. These will be things like past greyhound performance data, track conditions, trainers etc. While Greyhound Prediction Software can be very benificial to your betting strategy it is important to take note that even with the help of such software it doesn’t guarantee that you will win 100% of the time.

Betting Staking Plan – Keep it simple

Where we have talked about the use of greyhound racing software whether it be prediction greyhound software or following where the big bets are going you also need a betting staking plan. The staking plan helps keep your bets in check and make sure that things don’t go out of control. Choosing a staking plan will depend on a number of variables such as the size of the pools you are betting in, your run of outs, how many wins you achieve in a row etc.

The reason I talk about staking plans and the size of the betting pools is because when you use progression methods you can quickly exceed the smaller betting pools. When this happens you are placing money in the win pool just to win your money back which is of no benefit to you. This happens because there maybe $5,000 in the pool and you place a bet of $4,000 on one single greyhound. You now own most of the market share after the betting agency needs to take their cut.

Greyhound Racing Software
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Betfair Software and other packages

There are a few software packages around but the main ones are:

Greyhound Prediction V2.0 which uses complex algorithms to bet on outright winners on the greyhounds. This also shows you how to set up your bets to proceed.

Greyhound Master Tipster which is another piece of software that analyzes past performance data to determine who the most likely winner will be of a greyhound race.

FormGenie which is another complex algorithm software package, takes into account all track conditions, latest greyhound form, odds, whether a greyhound likes to lead early, past performance from different box numbers.

The Future for Greyhound Betting and what it holds

Over the next couple years with the recent advancements in technology I think we will see this software change a lot over the next couple of years. The more advanced data and algorithms that can be written will make it an interesting place to be. Especially if that software is intergrated with other technology that we are seeing gaining traction right now.

Greyhound Racing Software: The Conclusion

Summing up everything here we can see that Greyhound Racing Software is such a powerful tool that can really help anyone to make money from online betting. The ability to use these tools and strategies will also increase your chances to make a living from this or to fund your side hobby. Whether it is making £50 a day on Betfair or making a livable wage from this, you just need to remember that you should always do your own research, always keep a betting limit in check and the most important rule of them all. Bet Responsibly!


The Greyhound Thunderbolt Speed Rating Software

This software works on selecting the fastest greyhound in the race.  To have a qualifier all greyhounds must have run the same distance at their last race start.

You can choose from 1, 2 and 3 stars.  Obviously 3 stars is the faster greyhound, but you can use 1 and 2 stars to select greyhounds for your exotic betting selections i.e trifecta and quinella betting.

The software cost only £19.99 and comes with a 12 month software licence that is a licence for one computer only.

The software is available for purchase through Paypal and you should check out their Refund Policy before purchasing as stated below

Refund Policy for Thunderbolt Greyhound Speed Rating Software

We, as a merchant, provide both products (goods) and services (information) to our customers.

There is also the lay betting strategy separate from the speed rating software.


Unlike companies that provide a tangible product that can be returned for a refund, our product is information. It can be used immediately upon viewing, and there is no product to return. Once a service has commenced, there can be no refund. Our services are the absolute best we can make them. Just as with the Stock Market, our customers must recognize that the information cannot be guaranteed, and that past performance is not a promise of future results. What is guaranteed is that each and every customer will receive the service that was purchased in full.

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Greyhound Racing System Software Thunder Bolt Video

Greyhound Racing Software Thunder Bolt 100% Auto

Scans the full days racing cards finding the best dogs in the race from there form

single forecast tricast betting

Very fast scanner plus there is a save to CSV for them who using bots