The Bullseye Greyhound Betting System currently being sold over at Castle Sporting Service Ltd is a lay betting system that is mainly uses on Betfair. The system reports to accurately pick winning bets 83-87% of the time and most importantly at a profit.

So how long has the Bullseye Greyhound Betting System been running?

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Results on this method have been running for over 4 years which shows that it has definitely proven to be a profitable system and over that time has demonstrated a proven 83-87% as an average over those 4 years.

The Bullseye method also uses 3 rules which are available for free on the internet to identify selections. With these rules you should also be able to come up with 10+ selections per day in around 10 minutes.

Once you have your selections you then log into Betfair and place your lays on the betting exchange. Castle Sporting also report that as long as you are only betting on greyhounds with odds below 7/1 then you are guaranteed to make a profit long term given that on 100 bets you will win 87 bets with 13 being losing bets.

Ordering the system is easy and all files are downloaded in PDF format, so all you will need is Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To find out more about The Bullseye Greyhound Betting System head over to

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