There are quite a few Greyhound Winning Lays software package doing the rounds at the moment but one that caught our attention just this week was the Software package put together by Horse Racing Rates. This is now compatible with TBE, Betsender and Bf Bot V3 to place your greyhound bets minutes prior to the race start.

So here is the breakdown of the results from the Greyhound Winning Lays.

From the start of this year there has been 290 greyhound selections and 215 winning lays which gives you a strike rate of 74.1% with a £163.30 profit. I believe this could be improved if you actually monitored this before the race start and obtained fixed odds in some cases. This profit was obtained using a staking plan and betting just 1% of a £200 bank to start with. You would have had 16 winners in a row in the longest running winning sequence and only twice has there been 3 losers in a row. So recovery using the staking plan is quite strong.

If you look at the average odds that you are able to obtain on these greyhounds it is around 3.50

So where do you buy the Greyhound Winning Lays Software from?

It is available from Horse Racing Rates – Greyhound Winning Lays.

The price is £39.99 currently and that includes a 1 year licence.

If you would like to see another Greyhound System with a 91% strike rate and over $6,000 profit in 90 days visit “The Ultimate Greyhound System