One punter is seriously reconsidering his decision to breed after his three-year-old son accidentally cost him an almost six-figure sum.

24 year-old Gary Walter – a factory worker from Birmingham, England – had placed £10 on a 13-leg multi, off which he stood to win a cool £49,435.34 (or roughly $96,000 in Aussie dollars!).

With three legs safely secured, Walter set about the basic task of safely securing his seemingly angelic three-year-old son Archie in his car seat, leaving his phone unattended in the process.

But beneath Archie’s cherubic appearance lay a terrible demonic truth.

“I left him in the back seat next to my phone briefly and when I picked up my phone again and got in the front seat it said I had cashed in on £6.99,” Walter related to the Daily Mail.

“I was like, “What the hell’s happened?!’, and then I realised.”

Many corporate bookmakers have recently introduced a ‘cash out’ feature, which allows punters to bail out of a winning multi early at a reduced dividend.

“Archie didn’t understand he had done anything wrong, he’s only three. I didn’t say anything until my missus got in the car.”

Walter then had to endure the pain of watching the next ten legs salute one by painful one, with final leg Arsenal smashing three goals past Hull in the first half to ensure all hope was eradicated early.

“After it all happened I said to Archie, “You’re not going to university…’, but I was joking obviously,” said Walter.

According to the median price for a vasectomy in the UK is £853.

Chin up Gary. Though that £6.99 might look a pittance now, it means you’ve only got £846.01 to go!