How can The Lotto Black Book Increase your chances of winning the lottery?
There is absolutely no guarantee that you are going to hit the jackpot using this system, however based on past statistics and patterns that do come up in lotto you can dramatically increase your chances of having a decent sized win by using this system.

By using statistics and a good lotto strategy you are giving yourself a much better advantage of hitting a few numbers and getting a payout rather than for example taking an autopick.

Did you know for example that a lot of autopicks bunch numbers together, you might get 1,2,4,41,42,44.  While this could very well come up in a future lotto result the chances are highly unlikely when you look at the past statistics for every lotto game ever played.

To use the Lotto Black Book System you don’t have to be a mathematical genius, I do recommend however knowing a little about statistics and how they work to get a good grasp on this system.

The Lotto Black Book System definately will help you win more often in Lotto, for example imagine if you hit 4 numbers and got a payout of $40 and it had cost you $12 on a 24 game card you have profited $28 allowing you to reinvest back into Lotto.  You are then able to buy more games and get more wins by covering more numbers.

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